Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

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Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center seems like the perfect tourist attraction. You can try there Thai cuisine, watch local dances and performances.

We decided to go there, hoping to spend a lovely evening accompanied by music and delicious food.

And we really regret we went there. This place is a waste of money and time.

Thai dancer


1. Value for money is extremely low.

You pay A LOT (comparing to other places in Thailand) and get a little in return. For that price we were expecting variety of food and unlimited drinks. Well, we we’re wrong.

Karolina&Patryk with Thai people

2. Food is average.

You can find better food on the street of Chiang Mai. We can’t say that the food in Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is disgusting, but it is just not excellent either. It’s just average.
Hilltribe in Nothern Thailand

3. Performances are boring.

We were watching the very same artists dancing the very same dance system all over again but in different clothes.

Basically, all they were doing was moving their hands. It was very boring.
Traditional Thai women

4. They charge extra for everything.

If you want to drink, eat or do something more, you will have to pay extra for it. It was pretty annoying because the admission was expensive enough.

Sword performance in Chiang Mai

5. Staff is incompetent.

We booked table for 4 on the floor, but we were seated at the table. It turned out seats on the floor are for maximum 2 people. Why nobody told us about it before? When we were booking a table?

Traditional dancing in Chiang Mai

If you consider going to Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center, stop it right now. You’d better go to any other restaurant in Thailand. You will pay less and be more satisfied. Find a place where local people eat and you will love it! Thailand has more to offer than a boring and expensive show with average food.


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