Our goals and dreams

Fresh Thailand Fruits
Fresh Thailand Fruits
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Our goals and dreams

  1. Having at least 3 children
  2. Getting old and die together
  3. Be financial free
  4. Going for a ballet performance in Moscow
  5. Milking a cow
  6. Going to famous singer/ band performance
  7. Going to international football game
  8. Hanging the padlocke on the Father Bernatek footbridge in Cracow (done in 2012)
  9. Traveling to another continent
  10. Speaking Chinese
  11. Going to USA and see NYC (done in June 2014!)
  12. Porche Cayenne
  13. Spontaneously going into the unknown (spontaneous trip to Bialowieza)
  14. Organizing a bike trip around Europe for dad
  15. Taking mum to SPA for a weekend (July 2015)
  16. Apartment in the city center with a huge walk-in closet and private bathroom for each room
  17. Cottage with fireplace, hardwood floors and braids of garlic in the kitchen, next to the forest
  18. Going to the cliffs
  19. White nights and Sankt Petersburg
  20. Going to the pride parade
  21. Speaking at least 5 languages (each of us)
  22. Going to Dominican Republic for a honeymoon (We’ve been to Dominican Republic just after we got married in 2014!)
  23. Dancing with Cubans On Cuba
  24. Carnival in Rio!
  25. Going to Australia
  26. Going to New Zeland
  27. Sunbathing and swimming in the sea on Nudist Beach
  28. Traveling on yacht
  29. Ski/ snowboard in Alps
  30. Having a helicopter
  31. Learning to play squash
  32. Learning to play tennis
  33. Learning Russian in Russia
  34. Learning Chinese in China (March 2016)
  35. Visiting The Great Wall of China (we’ve been to the Great Wall on March 2016)
  36. Learning to play golf
  37. Going to Les Brown for storytelling course
  38. Game console
  39. Making the greatest family tree
  40. Visiting Santa at North Pole (Rovaniemi on December 2015)
  41. See the Nothern Lights.
  42. Driving the ATV in wilderness (Koh Tao)
  43. Snowmobiling
  44. Giving a beer for a homeless person
  45. Going to Mierzeja Helska
  46. Going to Mazury
  47. Going to Puszcza Bialowieska (we’ve been to Puszcza Bialowieska at the end of 2014)
  48. Going to Bagna Biebrzanskie
  49. Acquiring all mountain peaks in Bieszczady
  50. Szumy on Roztocze
  51. Cruise ship
  52. Swimming with dolphins
  53. Ayahuasca- DMT with shaman
  54. Spending a night in undewater hotel on Fiji
  55. Spending a night in ice hotel Jukkasjarvi
  56. Going to London (we’ve already been to London many times)
  57. Safari in Africa
  58. Living in a bungalow on the beach (Koh Phangan)
  59. Meditation in Tibet
  60. Dancing course
  61. Black belt in karate
  62. Eating lobster (we ate lobster in Philippines!)
  63. Taking mom on Zanzibar
  64. Colorful beaches on Hawaii
  65. Fraser Island in Australia
  66. Transsiberian railway tour
  67. Going to Iceland

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