How to Pack Your Bags before Going on a Trip Together

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How to Pack Your Bags before Going on a Trip Together

How many items of clothing do you take with you on vacation? And which of them do you really use? The lighter your luggage is, the more mobile you are, and the cheaper the trip is. That’s why we offer you a simple tip on how to pack bags efficiently.

Before you start packing your bags

Step one: make a list of what you’re going to take with you

You need to start packing the bags a few days before the departure. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything that can come in handy in a foreign country.
Don’t forget to check out the weather forecast and take the purpose of the trip into account. If you have plenty of time, then after the list of necessities is ready, put it aside for a while. Then take a closer look at it again. You’ll probably notice that almost a third of the items on the list aren’t that necessary.

How to Pack Your Bags before Going on a Trip TogetherStep two: pile up everything you’re going to take with you

Now put all that’s left on the list on the bed, table, floor, whatever. Then leave this pile alone. When you begin putting all this stuff in your suitcase, you’ll see that some of the things can be left at home.
Why would you need to know how to pack bags efficiently if there’s a risk of forgetting the passport or tickets at home? So before everything is carefully packed, take the money, documents, tickets, and house keys and put them in a separate bag.

When packing your suitcase

Now that you got rid of all the useless stuff, you can start packing your bags. There’s an old, simple trick that will help you pack everything with maximum efficiency: rolling clothing. Roll the socks and put them into the shoes. So they won’t take up additional space and prevent your shoes from deforming. You can do the same with ties or other small details of the wardrobe.

Then roll your T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc. Try to pack everything as dense as possible, so that clothes don’t roll out during transportation.
There’s still a chance that you won’t even touch 30% of the clothes, but you’ll have to carry them with you. One more detail: it’s better to put all your devices and chargers in the upper or side sections of the backpack.

Now, let’s figure out how to pack the shoes. Some put them on the bottom of the suitcase, others – at the top. The advantage of the second method is that on top, your shoes have less chance of deforming.
And now try to pack the clothes in your bag. Everything fits? Great! This method will help you save on baggage transportation.

What you shouldn’t take with you in any case

There is a golden rule: the more experienced a traveler is, the lighter their baggage is. Don’t duplicate the items of clothing. This means that you should take only one shirt instead of three. Besides, try not to take warm clothes with you, even if it’s cold outside.

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Remember: you can find everything you need on the spot if needed. Here’s the list of items you should never take with you if you want to learn how to pack bags efficiently:


Even if you’re an old-school bookworm, it’s still better to download the books to one of your gadgets.


Why waste precious space and pounds on it if you can find a hairdryer in practically any modern hotel?

Umbrellas, walking sticks, and other stylish but cumbersome stuff

If this is not the main element of your everyday image, then it’s better to leave this item at home and take a small folding umbrella with you.

And, of course, don’t overdo it with shoes and clothes. Here’s a simple algorithm you can stick to: 1 shirt or sweater per 1 day; 1 pair of pants per 2 days. And no more than three pairs of shoes for the whole trip.

Now that you know how to pack bags to save on a flight, you can spend the money that’s left on souvenirs for your folks and friends.

to download .pdf version of this article 

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