Pai Hot Springs
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Pai Hot Springs

Hot springs in Thailand? It may sound riddiculous because the only thing most of us dream about in the tropical climate is too cool off. Pai Hot Springs are something unusual so we knew we had to go there!

They are something we have never seen before. Like a combination of waterfalls and thermal pools.

We have been there only for about an hour because the water was too hot for us.

But if we could turn back time we would go there again. Only to see this beautiful nature and surroundings of Pai Hot Springs.

Pai Hot Springs

How to get there?

The easiest way is to drive there from Pai on scooter.

You can also take a taxi but it is a more expensive option.

Hot springs in Pai

What’s the price?

Admission is pretty expensive- 300 baths per person. But the time is unlimited- you can be there from the morning until nightfall.

There is a toillet, shower and restaurant inside the complex, so you don’t need to worry about hygiene, drinks or food.

The Hot Pai Spring


1.Go there in the morning.

It’s less crowded and the temperature is lower. And it is good to for your budget! You pay for a ticket once, so you can spend all day in hot water.

Hot spring direction

2. Take water shoes.

The stones inside the hot springs are quite slippery, so it is really good to wear shoes in the water.

Natural hot springs

3. Visit Thom’s Elephant Camp Pai afterwards.

It is an amazing place, really close to Pai Hot Springs. Thom has one of the happiest elephants in Thailand (they are recommended by the Thai government). It’s worth to go there and hand-feed elephants or even hug them.

It’s an incredible experience! 

Karolina in Thom's elephant camp

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  1. Very interesting! Yeah, like you said, it seems odd to visit a hot spring in Thailand because it's already so hot there anyway! 🙂 We went back in October and after a hike through the jungle, we were very happy to have the COLD springs to jump into 😉


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