Pattaya Park Tower- the best attraction in Pattaya

Pattaya Park Tower
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Pattaya Park Tower- the best attraction in Pattaya

To be honest, we didn’t like Pattaya. It is loud, expensive, dirty city with ugly beaches. But there was one thing we absolutely loved. The view from Pattaya Park Tower. It is absolutely breathtaking!

View from the top of Patttaya Tower

Prices in Pattaya Park Tower

Going up and down only to see the view costs 200 THB per person.

Using speed shuttle (gondola for 8 people), sky shuttle (open-air elevator for 2 people) or tower jump (zip line) costs additional 200 THB per person.
Karolina&Patryk at Pattaya Tower

Opening hours

Official opening hours you can find below.

Opening hours of Pattaya Tower


1. Do not be discouraged by the quality of the hotel.

Pattaya Park Tower is old. The elevator, walls, windows and everything in there is rusty and neglected.

You will be disgusted at the begining, but the view will compensate you all the inconvenience.

Old Pattaya Park Tower

2. Don’t use Tower Jump, Sky Shuttle or Speed Shuttle if you are afraid of heights.

To be honest, we regretted that we had bought tickets for the speed shuttle. It was old, rusty and unstable

In order to go down, you need to sign in the document that you are taking full responsibility for your decision and you won’t have any claims in case of an accident. Scary… if we could turn back time, we would just use a lift to go down.

Speed shuttle at Pataya Park Tower

3. Go there at a sunny day.

Views are much better when the sun is shinning. The seawater has a beautiful blue color and the white buildings are shinning in the sun.

Aerial view on Pattaya

4. Take your camera!

Pattaya Park Tower is one of the few places on the world where there are no grids, protections, or windows on the top of the building.

That is why the pictures you will take will be awesome!
Pattaya Tower View

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