How On Earth Do People Afford Long-Term Trips?

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How On Earth Do People Afford Long-Term Trips?

We’ve all enviously explored the Instagram profiles of people who seem to travel the world endlessly. It’s easy to say that you should pursue that lifestyle if you want it for yourself, but how? How on earth do people afford long-term trips? Well, there are plenty of different answers to that question. If you want to go on a big exploration of the world (and we’re talking about more than a 2-week holiday to a seaside resort) then the ideas in this article might help you out.

Be Fiscally Responsible.

One of the easiest ways to afford a long-term trip is to simply be fiscally responsible. It might take some time, but if you set yourself the goal of saving up money for your travel then you might find that you have the cash for your trip sooner than you initially imagined. Start off by reducing wasteful expenses so that you have more excess income to put aside for your travels. You could save money on your food shopping by using online coupons. You could even start growing fruit and vegetables in your garden so you don’t have to buy them from the supermarket. It’ll save you more cash than you might realize.

Seek Support.

Another way in which you could afford a long-term trip is to seek support. You might not have to do this alone. You could ask your family and friends for help. In fact, you might even want to invite some of your loved ones to join you on your travels. If they’re keen to do so and they have the available funds then they might be able to help you out financially too. Obviously, you could offer to pay them back in the future, but that might be the perfect option for you if you lack the necessary funding to go traveling at this moment in time.

Of course, you might feel cheeky if you have to ask your loved ones for help to go traveling. You might want to pursue other financial options. Taking out a loan is one support option that could help you to afford a long-term trip. There are plenty of different routes available if you want to borrow a large sum of money securely; you just need to make sure you can afford the repayments. You might want to do some research on refinance mortgage rates for your home. That could be a smart way to take out a substantial loan for your travels against the most stable asset you own. Again, it just takes planning. If you can afford the loan repayments then this might be the best support option you have available; it’ll mean that you don’t have to wait for years to save up the money necessary for your journey.

Earn Some Money On The Side.

Many people afford long-term trips by earning some money outside of their full-time jobs. You have bills to pay, so most of your earnings probably go towards your necessary costs. But if you put some of your spare time towards freelance work then you could make some extra money to be used for your travels. You could start a blog and monetize it, or you could even sell freelance services on sites such as Fiverr. The great thing about these freelance options is that they can be done remotely. In other words, you could work and travel at the same time. You’d be able to afford your trip whilst you’re on the go.

Remote work is a great way to make money whilst you’re on the go, but there are other careers that allow you the opportunity to work on a long-term basis. You could consider joining a cruise ship crew, for instance. That’s a fantastic way to explore plenty of beautiful destinations all over the world whilst earning money for doing so. If you’ve ever wanted to teach then that could be an option for you too. Being an English teacher abroad is a fantastic way to make some money, explore new places, and help young people in other countries to learn a new language.

Do Research To Cut Your Travel Expenses.

Another way to afford a long-term trip is to do plenty of research before you jet off to a new place. Rather than taking the spontaneous approach to exploring a new place and simply paying whatever price is immediately presented to you, you need to do some shopping around. You can save a lot of money on many different aspects if you compare your options. In terms of accommodation, you should explore sites such as and Airbnb to see what flats and hotels are available in certain towns and cities. You might surprise yourself by finding affordable accommodation that you might’ve missed if you hadn’t taken the time to do your research.

Obviously, when it comes to places such as hostels, the reason it’s so cheap to stay there is that you share a room with other people. It all depends on the way in which you want to travel. Whatever accommodation option you pick, just make sure it’s well-reviewed and well-suited to your needs during your stay. If you’re going to be travelling from place to place then you probably don’t need luxury accommodation. The point is that you shouldn’t just look for the first hotel you can find. There are often cheaper options than hotels if you’re looking for affordable accommodation.

Do some research with regards to flights and travel insurance too. When you’re booking your flight for the trip, make sure you’re getting the best possible deal by using a comparison website. You might be missing a cheaper option if you simply choose one of the first few options presented to you. Again, it’s all about doing a little digging. You should also try to fly during the off-peak season. You’ll be able to save a lot of money on your trip that way. It’s also worth checking out flight websites for last-minute seats that airlines are desperate to fill. If you can afford to be a little spontaneous then that could be a great way to save an astronomical amount of money.

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