How To Plan A Perfect Farewell Event For Your Friend Who Is Off On Their Travels?

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How To Plan A Perfect Farewell Event For Your Friend Who Is Off On Their Travels?

When someone is about to leave for a long time, you can often feel quite sad about it. It might be that one of your best friends is headed to Australia to study a doctorate, and may not be back for over five years. It could be that someone is off to find themselves by backpacking across America or Europe. Your friend’s family might be moving away, and they wish to travel with them. There are all kinds of sad and happy reasons as to why someone may wish to explore over the horizon, and we must be accepting of that.
However, it doesn’t mean you need to bid them farewell with tears and shame. Why not allow this to become a moment to celebrate, to truly laud your time together with the respect it deserves, and wish them well on their journey? We’re talking about running a farewell event, of which you might find some true worth. Let us consider what that might look like, and in the end, how you might help them build a fond final memory of back home.

Make It A Surprise

Often, it can be worthwhile to make this a surprise. You might decide to arrange it with their romantic partner or family member, during a comfortable day where they would not be expecting much to happen. Then, as they come home, the huge ‘SURPRISE!’ reveal can be a great chance to take a brilliant picture. On top of that, you may also use a fantastic photo booth to ensure they can gain that truly happy moment a chance to be memorized with many different people. Sometimes, giving them something they can think back to will always put a smile on their face when they think of home.

Collect The Family & Friends

There’s no need to make this a massive affair, but having many of their family and friends travel to one area to say goodbye and to enjoy a nice evening can be a great idea. This not only helps give them the chance to finally wave goodbye to those they are leaving for a time, but it can also help them avoid that feeling of regret when moving on, even if a temporary thing. If you tell them what your intents are and how you wish to manage this pursuit, they are sure to appreciate what you are doing and make their best efforts to come.

Arrange A Presentation

There’s a lovely moment in a wedding where the family comes together to share their stories about the newlyweds. The best man’s speech, perhaps the grandmother sharing memories, all of this can be worthwhile. Now, this might not be a wedding, but there’s no reason why that presentation ideal shouldn’t be replicated.
It might not be that you can have their grandparents travel a long distance to say goodbye, but you might be able to contact them on Skype, record their message, and convert that into a video. You might collect some of your memories such as photographs, videos and other records of milestones and again makes an ode to the person you will miss for some time. This can warm their heart, and burning a copy for them can help them watch it whenever they are homesick. It’s just a nice thing to do for them, and the grand unveiling can be at said event.

Make It Intimate

You may wish to go clubbing or drinking at a bar, but of course, that is not as authentic and heartfelt as it could be. Making things intimate is often something worthwhile. Keep it simple. What matters is the social occasion, not how much you can drink or how many bars you can go to. A simple meal and calm gathering of people afterward might help everyone enjoy their time together correctly, rather than worrying about the artificial nature of enjoying the last ‘something,’ whatever that might be.

Allow Them Time

Sure you may have organized the event, and you might have done so willingly. But it’s important to know that it’s not about you. It’s about the person who is leaving. Let them enjoy it. Give them time to speak to everyone, even if that means not spending much of the evening with you. This is the definition of friendship. They will express their gratitude when they get a chance, and will often be incredibly grateful for such a memory.
If you do this, no matter how you pull it off, you are a true friend. We hope this advice can only help your efforts.
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