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Why Pokemon Go is great for travelers?

Even though Pokemon Go was released 2 weeks ago, millions of people all over the world are playing it! Last week, we wanted to download this game (we were in Poland), but it was impossible. It turned out that for the first days, it was only available in few countries, including US, New Zealand and Australia.

Yesterday we came back from the short trip to Hungary and we could finally download Pokemon Go! Unfortunately, we couldn’t play it because too many users started to using this app in the same time.

Today we succeeded! We have spent few hours on getting to know Pokemon Go and trying to understand WHY so many people all over the world went crazy about it. We already know the answer. This game really is out of this world and can’t be compared to anything else. We love it!

Pokemon Go is the first game that is mixing the real world with the virtual reality.

The game knows your GPS position and your neighbourhood. Depending on where you are, you can go to your local Gym to fight with other pokemons or visit PokeStop to gain some bonuses (like pokeballs).

Pokemon Go is only available to play on smartphones and tablets (IOS and Android).

5 Reasons Why Pokemon Go is Great for Travellers:

  1. It motivates you to travel.

You can’t play this game if you just stay in one place. You need to travel, the further the better.

Pokestops, gyms and pokemons can be found in different places, so if you want to be really good at this game, you need to travel.

Playing Pokemon Go in the car

2. It helps you getting to know your neighbourhood.

Believe us or not- you don’t know your neighbourhood, no matter how long you live there.

We’ve been exploring this game at my (Karolina) hometown. I was born and raised here and I though I knew every corner of it. I couldn’t be more wrong! Even though my hometown is really small (less than 20,000 people live here), I was surprised to find some places and monuments that I didn’t even know about.

It was fascinating to learn something new and explore my town thanks to Pokemon Go.

Playing Pokemon Go in Poland

3. It forces you to stay fit.

Yes! We haven’t found better motivator to work out than Pokemon Go. Walking around and searching for the pokemons can be really addictive.

When you gather some eggs and want to hatch them, you need to walk 2 or 5 kilometres. What is interesting- you can’t drive this distance because it won’t count! The real walking will only be measured, so playing Pokemon Go is a perfect way to stay fit.

Catching pokemons at Pokemon Go

4. It makes you more sociable.

Even though Pokemon Go is available in Poland for less than a week, we’ve already met few fellow players in different places.

It was great to talk with them and share some tips. Playing in this game will definitely make you more sociable!

It is a perfect way to spend an active time with your family, friends or someone you love.

Pokemon Go game playing

5. It is a great way to spend your free time.

Seriously, playing Pokemon Go is an amazing way of spending the free time! We are not so much into games and this is the first one we are playing together.

We’ve never played on computer, xbox etc., we’ve always thought it is a waste of time. It is different with Pokemon Go. This game really makes you think, it is very entertaining and fun!

Pokemons at Pokemon Go

Do you play Pokemon Go? What do you think about this game? Remember sharing is caring so share your thoughts in comments!


  1. I agree with all your points about the game.
    It’s a great motivation to keep you out of the house, explore th neighbourhood and have fun!

    The first day me and my girlfriend tired the game we were walking outside and a guy approached us and asked if we were playing Pokemon, we talked about it and since we had just started he gave us a few tips. Then the following days we meet him always surrounded with people around a poke stop with a lure 😀

    The other day after walking around for 4 hours I turned to my girlfriend and went: “hey did you know we have a school close to our flat and a park as well!?” Usually we don’t really explore the side streets, now with the game we do 😀

    I can’t believe how popular the game has become!


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