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Our interview with Pooja from traveljots.com Travel Blog:

Tell us about you first and how did started travelling together?

We are Pooja and Rex, an Indian couple in our 20′s, who love travelling and exploring various places in India and abroad. Though, we both had been solo travelers (not tourists) from last ten years. Then, we met each other at Goa, India during one of our travels. One thing led to another, in our case one trip led to another and we finally tied the knot in 2012. Since then, we have been travelling together and jotting down our travel notes too.

What kind of places you love to travel, and which is most beautiful place you have been to?

We prefer travel to natural and scenic places, as we find the creations of God more beautiful than Man’s. Further, we both are mountain lovers and thankfully, we have Himalayas in India. The most beautiful place we have been to is Cola Beach in Goa,India.

Are you backpackers or luxury-seekers?

Since we both are Aquarius, We love change and can never be still as our Zodiac resembles water. A lot of times, we do backpacking, use local modes of transports and stay in hostels. But, other times we indulge in resorts and luxury, hire cars and love to drive on unknown roads.

What is your website, Travel Jots about?

We find Travel Jots, as a medium to inspire fellow travellers and share our experiences. Also, we love to share our notes and planning drafts. In our opinion, key to a good travel is the planning behind it. A good planning leads to good experiences as well as good savings. The motto of our site is “Handwritten notes of a Traveler”. As a note of thanks to the places we stayed during our travels, we jot down honest reviews of those places too.

What is the most dangerous situation you have ever been involved with during your travels?

During out travel to Jaisalmer, India. We interacted with two local camel riders at Khar dunes for a nice camp site for overnight stay. They showed us a nice place within desert national park, some two kms near their village “Neem ki Jhadi/ village”. That area had no mobile network and the villagers left us after providing us dinner and wood for our camp fire. I think, it was too daring for us because at night, we could see a few pairs of shining eyes (of wolfs common in that area) distant away from our tents. Also, we thought that locals may come in night to steal our cash or may be hurt us. We had gone out of our way in trusting people. We slept off with faith in God. In the morning, locals did come with two camels and morning tea. We had a camel ride and saw a very beautiful sunrise in dunes.

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What is your biggest travel dream?

We wish to plan an year long trip, travelling around the world with no backtracking and returning back to India.

What do you avoid while travelling?

We avoid packing excess baggage. We restrict our shopping during our travels. We avoid over-drinking.

Who are your favorite travelers? What blogs do you read?

We love reading a lot of interesting travel blogs from bloggers around the world. We like their stories and take tips for our own travels from these bloggers. And, we do maintain a directory of all those blogs we read at http://www.traveljots.com/blog-directory/

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