Prague sightseeing in the capital of Czech Republic

Prague sightseeing in the capital of Czech Republic
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Prague sightseeing in the capital of Czech Republic

We were in Prague during a flood in 2013. On the one hand, sightseeing of this beautiful city was limited for us (eg we could not go through the whole Charles Bridge), but on the other hand, we were pleased that we one of the few tourists :). Prague sightseeing was awesome during that time.

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The Czech capital is beautiful, but for us, the people who lived a few years in Cracow, it was not impressive. In our opinion, both cities are very similar, have the same, beautiful houses, charming narrow streets and unique old climate.

Definitely the most beautiful place of Prague is the Old Town with the statue of Jan Hus, the church of St. Nicholas and the Astronomical Clock.

Another great attraction is Prague Castle, considered the largest building like that in the world.

We were charmed by the famous ‘ Golden Lane‘- we felt like we moved to fairytale world :).

If you are thrill lover, you should go to the Museum of Torture, located at the entrance to the Charles Bridge. The museum is huge and has a really impressive collection of various machines, designed only to causing pain. It’s terrible, but at the same time it is the historical place. All instruments were once used on other people …

In the evening, we recommend you to take a cruise on the Vltava River. Prague is beautiful at night and it’s wonderful to admire it from the ship :). All these tourist attractions are easy to reach by foot, however, if you want to go somewhere further use Prague taxi or public transport. Driving by your own car may be difficult, as you may get stuck in the traffic jam.

Well, at the end we have an information for those who like having fun! In the Czech Republic weed is not illegal … You can smoke it and even buy a vodka with marijuana :). We tried it and we must admit that it gives you a kick!

You may also buy some medicines with leaves of cannabis– it’s really great. Relieves pain, accelerates wound healing and relieves swelling.

Disclosure: We want to thank Comfortable Prague Apartments for complimentary stay. All opinions presented in this post are honest and our own.

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  1. Hi guys, glad to hear that you liked it in Prague! If you are to come back, please let us know! We would be happy to help you out with planning of your trip.

    But careful, to posses/buy/sell marijuana in the Czech Republic is illegal. It is just not reinforced very strictly, so you can smell weed a lot on the streets of Prague. You can now buy medical marijuana, that is quite new thing. As you mentioned you can find many products with marijuana – vodka, lolly pots, chewing gum etc. That is completely fine to buy – it is just marijuana flavor. Great tip with the ointment – they really work great!

    • Thanks! Yes, we know buying weed from someone on the street is illegal and we didn’t do it, haha.
      But vodka with marijuana was very strong and as you said- legal :).
      We love Prague and really hope to visit this wonderful city in the future. Hope to get back there soon!


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