Prices in Dominican Republic

Prices in Dominican Republic
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Prices in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic may be considered as heaven on Earth. The weather is perfect, sea is hot, palm trees are beautiful and sand is consistency of flour. It’s not cheap country though. It is definately more expansive than Thailand or other countries in Asia. Below we made for you a pricelist of most common products on Dominican Republic. What are the prices in Dominican Republic?

1. Food in restaurant

Food in Dominican Republic is pretty tasty. The best, of course, are fruits. Coconuts, bananas, papayas etc. are so delicious! It’s east to find fast foods in big cities like Punta Cana or Santo Domingo.

  • The cheapest dinner costs $6
  • McDonald’s fries, hamburger and coca-cola cost at least $7
  • Hot dog or other fast-food at the gas station cost at least $4

2. Food in market

There is variety of food in Dominican Republic Markets. We remember prices of the most important products like:

  • Bread $1.5
  • Milk $1.3
  • Eggs (10pcs) $1.5
  • Cheese (ration) $2
  • Potatoes (sack) $2.5
  • Tomato (1pc) $0,30
  • Cigarettes (minimum) $5

3. Beverages

The most popular beverages are water and coca-cola (it’s the same all over the world 😉 ) We recommend you to drink fresh coconut milk though, it’s cheap (about $1), healthy and really good!

  • Big Water (1.5l) $1
  • Small Water (0.5l) $0.50
  • Coca-cola (small bottle) $1.3
  • Bear $3
  • Wine (bottle) $10
  • Rum (bottle) $12

4. Accomodation (hotel, hostel)

You can find both cheap and luxury accomodation in Dominican Republic.

  • the cheapest double room with private bathroom $25
  • the cheapest All-Inclusive double room $100

5. Transportation

Roads and transportation in Dominican Republic are really good and comfortable.

  • Taxi at start $3.50 + $2 per km
  • Local bus ticket less than $1

6. Others

The last prices we remember are coffee and cacao prices.

  • Coffee (package) $6
  • Cacao (package) $6
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  1. I've backpacked my way around the DR and it's an overlooked country. Not generally a great place for backpackers but Cabarete and Las Terrenas are some highlights for those looking to travel this way. Yep, $25 for a single room with bathroom is about right – that's what I paid in Cabarete.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • We totally agree. We thought is a heaven on Earth and it's really cheap there. We were wrong, Thailand is more beautiful and cheaper!


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