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Giant Inflatable Toys


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1. The Watermelon 160*80cm

2. The flamingo About 150 cm

3.The swan about 150cm

4. The Pineapple about 180*90cm

5. rose red flamingo About 150 cm

6.107cm flamingo print swimming ring

7. The rose red /peral white swiming ring with feather,size about 110*105cm

8. The unicorn About 200 cm

9. new half watermelon about 180*90cm

10.small angle wing/butterfly pool float

11. beer about 180*70cm

12.Green Dragon Float about 180cm

13. wing ring about 110cm

14.Lobster about 195*120cm

15.Rainbow Cloud,180cm

16.150cm pink flower pink flamingo

17. 150cm green flower pink flamingo

18.Joust Pool Float

19.gold glitter swimming ring,about 107cm

20.Apple Pool Float,about 120cm

21.150cm pelican

22. 115cm pearl white swan

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