Proposing Abroad? Three Easy Tips To Make It Unforgettable.

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Proposing Abroad? Three Easy Tips To Make It Unforgettable.

Proposing to someone is a big moment, and it’s one you want to make perfect. You want it to be romantic, backlit with cheesy lighting, with the perfect atmosphere around you. Maybe you imagine proposing on a beach or a boardwalk, or you want to do it in the home the two of you have created together. Either way, you’ve got a big plan in mind, and you know exactly how to execute it. 

But when you’re someone who loves to travel, and your partner loves to come with you, things can get a little more complicated. After all, what do you need to pack? And how do you pack a shared suitcase with your significant other finding the ring

Well, with the couple tips we’ve written below, you’re going to be in a much better position to pull off your international proposal. Read on if you’re looking for the inspiration!

Pack the Ring Somewhere Mundane

You’re worried your partner is going to find the ring, aren’t you? You’re worried they’re going to dig through the suitcase when you’re not looking and pull the ring straight out of its hiding place! Don’t worry, that’s quite common for those of us aiming to pop the question whilst we’re abroad. 

So, to make sure your diamond rings stay in the right place, away from prying eyes, pack them somewhere mundane. In the pocket of a random pair of trousers, or inside a shaving kit, or inside a bandage in the first aid kit – the more mundane your spot, the better. You’ll get to the ring long before they’ll even think to look for it. 

Inform Your Hotel of the Plan

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The place you’re staying in will love to know about your proposal plans, there’s no doubt about that! Even if you’re staying in a chain hotel, and you’re not sure whether they’ll have the same attention to detail as a small business would, they’re going to love to know about your ideas for popping the question. After all, they get to post all about the happy couple on their social media, and you might just get featured on a well-known brand’s Facebook page!

But aside from that, the hotel might just offer you some extras during your stay. They might outfit the room in red sheets and pillows, and give you more chocolates to chow down on. They might give you a private reservation in the hotel restaurant, to start your plans off just right. They might even give you a discount! 

Stick to An Itinerary

And finally, if you stick to an itinerary, you’re guaranteed to visit the place you want to propose at. You won’t be wasting time elsewhere, or spend too long dawdling during your sightseeing, and you won’t have to rush the proposal! Come up with a loose plan, at the least, before you go away, and then insist on sticking to it. 

If you’re planning to propose after you’ve jetted away, make sure you’ve prepared accordingly! 

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