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Rainy Day Date Ideas – Fun Things To Do With Your Partner At Home

Rainy Day Date Ideas – Fun Things To Do With Your Partner At Home

It’s raining outside and your well planned date is cancelled, so you’re frantically looking for couple activities at home as a replacement. Or you want to do something fun with your partner without having to get out of the house because you’re out working all day during the week. Or you’re trying to be different than everyone else and looking for some stay at home valentines day ideas for a romantic night with wife, husband or lover. Whatever your case is, we’ve got some fun things to do with your partner at home and other rainy day date night in ideas that will deepen your relationship.

Give Each Other A Romantic Massage

Light some candles; bring out that new scented moisturizer or oil. Slowly give your partner a gentle, long back massage so that both of you relax and unwind. Take turns massaging each other and talking about how much they mean to you. Share romantic thoughts and feelings, and who knows where it will lead.

Cook Together Or Have A Competition

Our grannies used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, that’s true for both men and women. Who doesn’t love food? It’s even tastier when you prepare the meal together with your partner. It may even be the foreplay you need for a romantic evening. While cooking, flirt with your partner, be sexy!

If you’re open to adding a little more competition to your at home date ideas, cook against each other. You make the starters while he makes the main course or vice versa. Want to get things stirred up faster? Cook in your underwear or birthday suit. This stay at home date night ideas is sure to spice things up!

Write Down A Bucket List Together

Being a good couple means supporting each other, no matter what. One of the fun things to do with your spouse is to write down a bucket list! Divide it into 3 parts: your dreams, your partner’s dreams and the things you want to do together. Be crazy, and remember that everything is possible. Don’t think about how you will manage to fulfill this dream or that dream. Just write down everything that you want to do. Even if they don’t materialise, it’s a great relationship building activities for couples and will give you a few personal mementos to hold on to.

Do A Photo Session

Thanks to photos, you can hold on to your best memories forever. A photo shoot is a must do for every couple! No matter if you are rich or poor, you can do it. You can either hire a professional photographer if you want to, but if you’re looking for inexpensive date night ideas for married couples just use a mobile phone to take pictures of you and your partner. Don’t forget to smile!

Surprise Your Partner With Breakfast In Bed

When was the last time you or your mate were served breakfast in bed? Never? On a weekend or holiday when nothing special is planned, get up a little early and fix their favorite breakfast. Include the morning newspaper as an added bonus. It may feel like some simple romantic ideas for wife at home, but you can be guaranteed that this surprise gesture of love will be appreciated.

Make This Night Unforgettable

Need rainy date ideas? The easiest romantic night with husband or wife is fulfilling yours’ or your partner’s erotic fantasy, or simply having sex all night long. Know your limits and don’t go overboard, but splurge on the sexy lingerie or edible paint if you have to.

Make A Spa At Home

You’re not the type to go to a parlour or spa centre? Then why not create an at home spa. It’s definitely fun activities for couples at home. You can give each other pedicures and manicures, and then move on to a body scrub. How’s that for some fun at home dates?

Play Board Games

Board games aren’t just for children. They improve memory and focus in adults too. They’re great stay in date night ideas, and also reveal a bit about how the other player, i.e. your partner think. Board games are fun date night ideas at home because they’re inexpensive and easy to have around.

If you need stay in date ideas that aren’t just boring games, why not play strip chess or strip poker, or strip anything. Take any game with points, and every time you win or score, your partner strips one piece of clothing. Rainy day date ideas don’t get any better than that!

Play Question Game For Couples

The Question Game is another of the fun things to do with your husband or wife on a date night in. The questions range from easy to hard and you can either answer the question or pay a forfeit to your partner. Find out more about the Question Game here.

Play ‘Truth or dare’

On a related note, do you remember that childhood game of Truth and Dare? If yes, it’s a fun date nights at home idea especially if you’ve promised each other not to go online. You can ask each other personal questions. Be honest but remember that if you are not willing to answer, you can always accept a challenge instead of answering. Of course the challenges don’t need to be the same as in childhood, but more geared towards bonding and your relationship.

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done before you met me?”

“How old were you when you first kissed someone?”

“What’s your most exotic fantasy?”

Dance With Your Partner

One of the sweetest things to do with your spouse is to to spontaneously take her/his hand and start dancing. It only takes a minute or two, and it’s incredibly romantic. So try it out the next time she’s in the kitchen, or he’s doing stuff around the house.

Watch a romantic movie together

Turn on the TV and watch the latest romantic movie for date night at home. You might not like lovey-dovey movies, but it’s a great relationship activities for couples. Cuddle up to your date on the couch to feel that added closeness. Enjoy the taste of popcorn and drinks while playing with each others hands or ears, and see cupid all around you.

Try Out A Something Fun While Watching a Movie

Even if you end up watching an action or drama movie, it’s still on the list of fun things for married couples to do. Try something funny by turning off the volume and creating your own dialogue and plot. Or kiss every time someone on the TV kisses, or kiss every time the good guy wins. It’ll turn out great!

Tell Each Other Your Secrets

This can be one of the scariest things to do with my husband for date night in ideas. Quite similar to ‘Spin the bottle’ or ‘Truth or dare’ this things to do with my wife works only on the truth. Are you ready to strengthen your relationship with your partner by telling them things about you that no one else knows?

Exercise Together

One of the fun things to do with wife is exercising together. It doesn’t have to be the same exercises that you do in the gym. Just go online and find some easy exercises that the two of you can do together. And do it in a t-shirt and undies. The adrenalin will get you both excited. It’s definitely one of the things to do with wife or husband that don’t cost anything but work towards bonding and togetherness.

Predict Your Future

Need more date jar ideas? Write out some funny fortune cookies together and then read them out to each other throughout the day, doing one every hour. Or for more fun things to do with husband or wife, why not pretend to be a psychic or fortune teller? Dress up for the role, place a football on the table to represent the globe, dim the lights and pretend to read each other’s hands or the tarot cards. While you’re enjoying these stay at home dates, it’s also the perfect time to slip in that you want to go on a vacation. Predict that you see a sandy beach in the future, or predict a cabin in the mountains. If you need an excuse to go braver, predict that you see a baby in your future.

Make A New Business Plan

Another great stay at home date ideas for couples is to plan future business. Pick something that you always wanted to do and discuss ways of making it possible. Planning for your future is one of the best things to do with husband, wife, or future partner.

Be Picasso

Now, this might not be a great idea for everyone. But if you’re an artist in hiding or if you’re up for some fun, this might be a great idea. Draw each other naked? It will take time, it will take attention and it will take memorizing each and every detail of your partner. Think about Rose and Jack in the movie Titanic. Wasn’t that steamy? You can be too.

Swap Roles

Swapping roles is perfect fun date ideas at home. You can wear each others’s clothes and swap places. Pretend to be him while he pretends to be you. Other than being fun, it will also give insight into each other’s feelings and thoughts. And if you’re up for some role play later in the evening, you’ll not have to look for great date night ideas again. Wink wink!

Spend A Night Out

If you’re looking for places to take your wife on a date but don’t want to go too far, try a little stargazing. Pitch a tent in your backyard, light a romantic bonfire under the star-filled sky and roast marshmallows. It’s one of the fun things to do with your spouse at home that will make you feel like young teenagers at camp again.

Try The Kama Sutra

Looking for the best husband and wife activities or cheap anniversary ideas that guarantee some action? Gift your partner a copy of the Kama Sutra and try it out together. Need we say any more?

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to date your wife again or for some perfect ways to spend the evenings with your partner, try one of the above and you’re sure to make a memory or two. If you’re looking for date ideas that need you to leave home, we have great date ideas outside list for you too. 

Come back and tell us how it went. Wink wink!

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