Apartments in Istanbul for sale, are numerous. They vary from the highest end of the spectrum with wall to wall luxury, down to more modest apartments for more reasonably priced Istanbul living. 

Which you choose naturally depends on your budget, but there are also areas in Istanbul that are more attractive to those seeking to relocate to Turkey. A good agency with property for sale in Turkey will able to advise on your choices within Istanbul but it’s always worth knowing a little bit before you go into any office for a chat. Be informed and then allow the agency to enhance your perspective of living in Istanbul.

Where To Choose For The Exciting Life?

If you’re searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, then it’s possible you’re not searching for the quietest life in the world. In such a large city, some areas will completely immerse you in the experience of living in such a metropolis.

For instance, you might find apartments in Istanbul for sale in the very center of the city near Taksim Square. Near to this is probably the hippest part of the city in the Cihangir area. It’s fairly popular with expats, especially those seeking the full Istanbul experience before relocating somewhere a little quieter later on.

Some people have labeled this area as Istanbul’s Hollywood. However, as such, it’s one of the more expensive neighbors to purchase property in. Most apartments in this area have excellent views and there’s no need to leave the area with the numerous cafes and shops scattered around. This makes it a particularly pleasant spot for single women to live, especially ex-pats who may be nervous about living in Turkey

If you’re searching for Istanbul apartments for sale, then there are so many different areas to choose from. For instance, west of Cihangir is a cheaper option in the form of Ҫukurcuma, a bohemian neighborhood becoming ever more popular.

It’s famed for its cobblestone streets and its numerous vintage antique shops and galleries and is a veritable maze of small streets. It fits with the commonly held stereotype of bustling streets and that’s one reason why it’s so popular with ex-pats looking to relocate to Istanbul. 

Finding Luxury Apartments

There are several areas of Istanbul that cater to the more reclusive resident.

If you’re looking for a quieter Istanbul experience whilst still being within touching distance of all the fast-paced bustle of the city, then there are plenty of options for you. This is the case whether you’re looking for modest accommodation or more luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul.

For instance, Tophane is close to a museum and park with outdoor sculptures and can offer a slice of relaxation in the middle of the city. It’s a traditional neighborhood but it’s quite reasonably priced and it’s certainly a place where expats could make a life for themselves.

As you travel along the metro line, you come across the expensive high rise districts of the city in the area that houses Europe’s largest mall. There are many properties in this area but they certainly have price tags to match the extravagance.

If you travel across and look at the Asian side of the city, then you’ll find quieter apartments for sale Istanbul. Some of these areas have a massive sense of community attached and still retain strong transportation links with the rest of the city. 

If you’re looking for pricey yet peaceful then consider the seaside area of Moda. It’s quiet and self-contained, with exquisite views of the Marmara Sea. There are also options if you want to become further embedded in Turkish culture such as Kuzguncuk. 

What About Investing In Istanbul Property?

It’s clear why you would want to invest in Istanbul property, but one thing you must bear in mind is that you cannot rush into the process. Do not circumvent the step of conducting detailed research into the market. The array of properties available is huge, but there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge.

Start by looking at what areas are available and what they have to offer. Check the typical rental prices in each. Also, sign up to online forums and the like to find advice from others who have been in your position and already invested in the Istanbul market. 

Although Istanbul isn’t Turkey’s capital, it does have the reputation of being the leading city in terms of the property market in the country; and moreover is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities.

The vast majority of properties are still relatively inexpensive when you compare what you get for your money in other western European cities. But vigilance is required because not everything is a bargain.

Prices can rise to over tens of millions of pounds in the more exclusive areas of Istanbul, and if your budget won’t accommodate this, then you should steer clear. 

With property in Istanbul, not only will you be able to make a good return on your investment, but you will have somewhere that you can enjoy holidays when the property is empty. FAT TAXI Istanbul city transfer can take you from the airport to your property, enabling you to have a great and relaxing vacation. 

Mistakes To Avoid

The first mistake you need to avoid is signing a contract you do not understand. This may sound obvious, but there are so many overseas buyers that end up signing something that is written in Turkish, and they do not have a clue what it says. It is important to get an English contract.

Not only this but get someone to check that they match up. Aside from this, do not go for a general estate agency. Instead, choose a company that specializes in the Turkish market.

If you choose a company that has properties for sale in France, Italy, and everywhere else in Europe, you won’t benefit from any expert information about Turkey specifically, as you will be working with a jack-of-all-trades so to speak. 

A lot of buyers also make the mistake of purchasing new-build apartments in Istanbul without researching the developer. You need to make sure they have a good reputation in the industry for delivering on everything they promise.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of location. Istanbul has so much to offer, and you need to make sure the area you select is right for you.

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