Revati and Charles Victor from Different Doors

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Our interview with Revati and Charles Victor from travel blog Different Doors:

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Why did you start travelling?

Given the hectic day jobs we have in media, we increasingly started working life around the breaks we wanted to take. Slowly, we discovered that we unconsciously gravitated towards a different kind of travel. We would hunt out experiences that were slightly different from the usual and we really started planning our travel keeping this mind. Breaks slowly started getting longer, more frequent and if we had our way, we’d travel 365 days a year!

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What is the most important during your travels?

We prefer what we call deep diving instead of swimming at the surface over vast areas. So when a lot of people ask us why we spend so much time at a destination, we begin to tell them about all the unique experiences that have come our way because we do so. We try not to skim the surface and stay close to the ‘popular’. Rather, we like digging below the surface, unearthing something that’s off the radar, trying to blend in as much as possible with the local culture…getting our hands under the ground! We try and live these travels as if we were locals. Where would they eat? How would they travel? What would they do at 11 pm on a Wednesday in El Born? It’s tough and we don’t always do it right but the experience is far more rewarding.

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What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

It’s really hard to pin down one really important experience but there’s one thing that’s common to almost all the experiences we really treasure – people. Our travels have been so much richer because of the people who’ve stepped into our journeys. Whether it’s a chef with whom we took a tour of a local market, or someone who spent half a day teaching us how to cook local cuisine, or friends we’ve made on a crazy night in Thailand…people almost always fill your travel with rich, lasting experiences.

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What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, from the Chateau de Versailles to Sagrada Familia to the beaches of Koh Phi Phi and Mauritius to the underbelly of Bangkok (yes, there’s beauty there too!). But the Erskine Falls, hidden along the Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia, was not only beautiful to the eye, but to all the other senses as well. With not a soul in sight, the wetness of the lush green rainforest, no signal on our phones, that was the day we could hear the blood rushing through our veins and time just seemed to stand still. It’s something we can’t quite describe in words. We believe beauty in something that’s untouched by hand or machine or plan, is undoubtedly unbeatable.

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What do you avoid when you travel?

Selfies! We have nothing against them and actually think they’re a lot of fun, but for some strange reason we don’t ever remember to take any when we’re travelling. On a serious note, we usually veer clear of pre-planned package tours filled with cookie-cutter itineraries. To be fair, it’s perfectly ok for some people to opt for them. But we’re just not that kind!

What is your biggest travel dream?

Tough to choose between South America and Africa. But Charles has always dreamt of buying a one way ticket to Africa because he believes he has some connection to the cradle of humanity (who doesn’t?) and wants to return there eventually. So maybe that final trip of ours, heading into Africa or wherever that is, with a one way ticket, is the biggest travel dream.

What are you favourites travelers?  Which blogs do you read?

Some of our favourite travellers are actually friends of ours who unfortunately don’t blog about their travels, but we’re lucky enough to keep hearing their incredible stories firsthand. Among the bloggers our inspiration to start was Gran Tourismo and we also love reading the blogs of Nomadic Samuel, Nomadic Matt, Gary Arndt, World of Wanderlust.

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