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The Most Romantic Cities In Italy That You Need To Visit With Your Partner!

Italy is a country where romance lives in its literature, art, and sculptures. It is a place coated in an amorous atmosphere, where the memories that are created are magical and cannot be changed by time. From older times to the modern age, Italy seems to provide the perfect setting for romance. Take a page out of famous romantic films and plan an escape to Italy with your loved one. Whether you are looking for verdant mountain regions or beautiful coastlines with dramatic land formations, you will no doubt find your secret spot in one of the ten most romantic cities in Italy.

Perhaps you prefer historic monuments and architecture of bygone times, there are plenty of magical spots where you can profess your love or make your wishes come true in the cities below. 

But first, take a look at the map of the most romantic cities in Italy that you can find in this post:



Found at the toe of Italy’s boot, the less-visited region of Calabria possesses the elements of a romantic escape in the form of its 500-mile coastline, turquoise waters, and vibrant rolling hills. It’s worth going to Calabria to see beautiful beaches along the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west coast and the Ionian Sea on the east coast.

You will find there an intimate escape with stunning views of dramatic cliffs and rock formations.  This is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner that includes sharing one of the best pizzas in Italy. Just watch out for the peperconcino, Calabria’s horn-shaped red chili pepper, which may kill the romance – Unless both of you need a bit of spice to add a bang to your romantic evening.  

Calabria romantic cities italy
Tropea, the charming town of Calabria


Renaissance Florence is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. It has an everlasting atmosphere of love with its historic structures and lavish gardens. Take your romance to soaring heights by sitting on the top steps of the Piazzale Michelangelo, where many Florentines have had their first kiss as they viewed the sprawling city from above.

Pay homage to its Florence’s historical romance by offering a flower to a plaque dedicated to Beatrice, the muse of the poet, Dante Alighieri, who wrote the Divine Comedy. With just the sight of her and without even sharing a kiss, she claimed her heart forever. They say that making an offering here can make your wish come true.

Hold hands and take a stroll amidst the charming Boboli Garden where ancient steps lined with stone statues and flowery pergolas takes you up to a viewpoint that opens up stunning landscapes.

A birds-eye-view of Florence
A birds-eye-view of Florence


The most romantic spot on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a popular wedding and Italy honeymoon destination made for romance. Just imagine watching the sunset from the more isolated Fornillo Beach, which is set in a pretty cove with watchtowers and sunbeds.

Perhaps you can also spend your Italy honeymoon at the La Sirenuse Hotel, where a scene from the romantic movie, Only You, was filmed. In this scene, Marisa Tomei, was meant to find her “soulmate,” Damon Bradley, in Positano.

Pack a picnic basket and take a walk through The Path of the Gods, a spectacular scenic route that gives you stunning views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri. Pick a stop, take a break, and share a bit of food as you admire the view.

Positano romantic place in italy
Positano is one of the most famous place for honeymoon in Italy


Rome, the ancient city that is known for its grandiose history of imperial power and the romance imbued by its age-old myths and legends, is a romantic destination where one can create memories to be cherished for all time.

In the eternal city which once worshipped Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, you will be treated to endless sights of grand monuments, spectacular fountains, quaint cobblestone streets, and sublime piazzas. Embrace each other on one of the bridges that cross the Tevere, the Tiber River, as you catch the sunset.

When in Rome, do what the Romans do and head to the Gianicolo, where usually go to steal a kiss – or maybe more – amidst the backdrop of Rome’s rooftops and ruins. On your last evening, throw two coins into the Trevi Fountain to make a wish and ensure your return to Rome before sealing the deal with a kiss.

You can't miss the colosseum of Rome.
You can’t miss the colosseum of Rome.


In fair Verona, where Shakespeare lays the scene of his most popular romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, you will find romance at every turn. It’s definitely one of the most romantic cities in Italy!

Head to the house of Juliet, where the Capello family once lived, and stand in the courtyard to relive the famous balcony scene of the star-crossed lovers.

However, if you are not wooed into the romantic overture of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, then perhaps a bit of crowd watching would be more to your liking. Carried away by the romantic vibe, you will find visitors awaiting their turn to have their photo taken on the balcony and some, perhaps a bit desperate for romance, carry the belief that placing their hand on Juliet’s bronze breast would give them luck in love.

After visiting Juliet’s home, take a walk around the region to see the ruins left over by Roman times, from the amphitheater where courageous gladiators once fought to the Corso Porta Borsari, where you can sneak a kiss behind pieces of Roman columns and medieval reliefs.

Nothing better than a kiss in Verona
Nothing better than a kiss in Verona


When you imagine romantic cities in Italy, Venice with its gondolas and singing gondoliers come to mind. One of the first romantic must-dos on your list, take that romantic ride through the canals of Venice on a gondola whilst being serenaded with the song, O Sole Mio.

In the evening, take a stroll through the long promenade of Zattere and perhaps stop to share a kiss or an embrace with each stunning sight, from the way the light dances on the water to the way it lights up the facade of the city’s architecture.

Drink like the Venetians and share bottles of wine as you join a wine tasting and sightseeing tour or perhaps watch the sunset’s golden hues paint the skylines from the St. Marks Square while sharing a gelato.

The famous Venice canals.
The famous Venice canals


Surround yourself with the romance of medieval architecture in the city of Bologna.

Take a long walk under the vibrantly-colored porticos that lead to the Sanctuary of San Luca and surprise your loved one with spectacular views of the city. Do not forget to take a bottle of wine as this apertivo would complement the experience of watching the sunset from this point.

Then, take your loved one to magical dinner atop the Torre Prendiparte where you can enjoy a catered, intimate dinner and spend the night on its rooftops watching the stars – Bear in mind that this romantic interlude will need to be planned and booked in advance.

Bologna in Italy
Go to Bologna and you will definitely spend a romantic time with your partner!


The Bologna of the south, Bari is a fusion of history and modernity, where you shall find old structures interspersed with modern buildings. Hold hands and take a walking tour around Old Bari as you exchange sweet nothings amidst Romanesque and Norman architecture.

Perhaps enter the fairytale atmosphere of the enchanting Alberobello or join a cooking class where you can cook for each other and feed each other while sharing a bottle of wine – or more.

If you don’t want to prepare food all by yourself, wander around the city or book a taxi to find a lovely restaurant to try local food.

Bari romantic place
Palazzo Mincuzi is one of the best places in Bari


Genoa, also known as Genova is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Begin your journey in Caruggi where the sights and scents in the labyrinth of buildings will take your heart away.

Go to Isola delle Chiatte at Porto Antico, where the spectacular view will take your breath away. Time it right and take a ride on the Bigo, a panoramic elevator that will take you to the top of the city and treat yourself to stunning sunset views.

Before you leave Genova, make sure to stroll through the Passaggiata a Mare di Nervi which is lined with agaves and blossoming gardens, one of the most romantic walkways in the world.

Genoa italy honeymoon
Genoa is pretty romantic!


Find romance in the Paris of Italy, where the Frenc House of Savoy once moved its capital in the 16th century, creating architectural marvels that line their grand boulevards and piazzas. Turin is one of the most romantic cities in Italy.

Here, you will also find the royal palaces of Stupinigi and Venaria, which bear a resemblance to the Versailles of France. Enter the world of luxury as you visit these palaces and admire the lavish decorations and artwork within. During your stroll around the city, take a break and sample the rich, indulgent chocolate concoction, Bicerin at Al Bicerin.

After all, no romantic date is complete without chocolates. Then, wander off into one of the parks where you can sit under the shade of a tree and relax. Before sunset, take the tram to the Basilica de Superga and share an intimate embrace as you watch the sunset behind the sprawling city that will slowly light up as darkness sets in.

You can also escape the city and explore the north, where you will find the breath-taking hill-top ancient Italian pilgrimage site of Sacra di San Michele or the charming Isola d’Orta located in the middle of the Lago d’Orta, a less travelled spot that provides you an intimate escape from the bustle of tourist areas. 

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