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Romantic Barcelona Itinerary for Couples

Barcelona Honeymoon & Romantic Barcelona Itinerary

What defines what is or isn’t romantic? For many, romantic would be a lavish candlelit dinner in a Michelin star restaurant, while ‘unromantic’ would be, witnessing your partner belching at that the dinner table or on an elaborate date night out. On the other hand, some couples find romance over the simple things, like a home cooked pot of Kapusta; that’s cabbage soup in Ukrainian if you’re wondering, a staple in my family. But, what about the romance when you’re traveling? Yes, there are a number of romantic things to do while on vacation, but finding the hidden gems isn’t always easy, especially in the most touristic cities. I’ve been living and exploring Barcelona daily, for over two years and am about to share with you insider info of my favorite spots in this Romantic Barcelona itinerary for couples. First, before we dive in, let’s take a minute to define romance.

What is Romance?  

Romance can mean whatever you want it to mean. We all have a different perspective on what is classified as romantic. With this said, even though our ideas of romance may differ, we all probably agree on one thing. It is the experiences you share with your partner that creates romance and brings you closer.

The most connective forms of romance, the ones felt at the soul’s level, are found in shared experiences. These are often the ones that challenge the relationship, pushing you to learn a new skill together, or providing you with quality time to be in each others company in an environment that harbors true connection. It is in these deep level experiences where romance is found and nurtured. As we all know, traveling with your partner is one of the best ways to experience a deeper level of romance. Even so, finding the deep level experiences I speak about is easier said than done.

Honeymoon in Barcelona is a great idea.

Luckily for you, seeking out authentic and meaningful experiences is my favorite past-time, and I love sharing my findings. Without further ado, before you decide to walk your partner off a cliff near Costa Brava, calling it a shared experience, why not check out some less extreme romantic alternatives in Spain. Explore the less touristic and romantic hidden spots with this Romantic Guide to Barcelona for couples.

Best places to stay in Barcelona  

You could spend hours on end searching for best places to stay in Barcelona, let alone ones that fit the ‘romantic’ bill. Some of the best boutique hotels, guesthouses or romantic hotel Barcelona are often the most modest looking from the outside. Take for example Praktik hotels. Think romantic paradise in the city, a secret escape amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy center.

They have a total of 5 locations in Barcelona (and one romantic hotel in Madrid), all offering a unique experience. I have personally stayed at the Praktik Garden, a modern garden oasis. Even six months after my stay, I am still raving about it.

hat’s so great about Praktik Garden? For starters, the hotel is situated in an ideal location! Central, but yet tucked away from the hordes of tourists. Secondly, from the moment you step inside the reception, your experience of an urban oasis begins. For the most romantic stay, I’d recommend booking their suite facing the garden terrace. They decorate the rooms with a chic style and most importantly they have very comfortable beds.  Last but not least, this hidden accommodation won’t break the bank! If you’re looking to stay somewhere that has harmoniously balanced tranquility and comfort, Praktik Gardens fits the bill. 

Check out the latest prices for Praktik Garden hotel—> here.

Barcelona hotel
Praktik is arguably the best Barcelona romantic hotel.

Not everyone is looking for an accommodation tucked inside the city center, if you’re someone who prefers a bit more glam, check out the W Hotel. Ok, I admit, this is not a hidden spot at all, but it is one of the most iconic and romantic places to stay in the city. It’s arguably the best Barcelona hotel with pool. Even if you haven’t heard of the W, you’ve most definitely seen it in photos. It’s the hotel that stands just short of 100m and towers over Barceloneta beach. If you want to be in the center of the action, and feel like the center of attention, the W Hotel will steal the show. 

Check out the latest prices for W hotel—> here.

w hotel Barcelona
Looking for the best spa hotels in Barcelona? Stay at the iconic W.

For anyone interesting in an accommodation that’s between the W Hotel and Praktik Gardens, I’d suggest hitting up Airbnb, which is a great alternative for best spa hotels in Barcelona for couples. There are so many options for no matter what kind of holiday accommodation you’re interested in, finding a place to call home for your romantic Barcelona honeymoon won’t be difficult. If you choose to go this route, my suggestion for the best neighborhood to stay in would be Gracia. The trendy, some would call hipster area, is peppered with plenty of great restaurants, design shops, health food stores, and many squares to grab a drink in and enjoy the buzz.

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Romantic Things to Do in Barcelona

Let’s return to the topic of romance; unique shared experiences are where it’s at in my opinion! If you want to rev up the romance while in Spain, consider taking a stroll through its hidden neighborhoods or head out on a day trip from Barcelona.

There are many romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Stroll Barcelona’s Hidden Neighborhoods

Romance in Barcelona is easily experienced around every corner. All you need to do is feel into every precious moment, and let yourself enjoy. The neighborhoods of Horta and Les Corts are two of my favorite areas for a romantic stroll.

Horta – El Labyrinth d’Horta

labrynth de horta Barcelona
Instead of visiting spa Barcelona, why don’t spend time outdoor?

El Labyrinth d’Horta is the ideal place to escape the center with your sweetheart. Very few tourists come to the neighborhood of Horta, but let me tell you, it’s well worth exploring. There’s an absolute calmness in the air. It’s one of my favorite spots for sure! Whether you want to wander and reflect on your trip, race your partner through the gigantic maze, or share a few smooches on a quiet bench, you’ll love it here!

Les Corts – Rosalada de Cervantes

This one is for all you men reading this. Yes, we women love flowers, but rather than buy us a bouquet of roses, why not bring us somewhere we can admire more than a few flowers. The Rosalada de Cervantes is the perfect spot! Enter through the beautiful Parc de Cervantes, making your way to the garden of roses. Take a stroll or stick around for a picnic lunch. With so few people in the park, even on the busiest days, you’ll feel as if you have it all to yourselves. You definitely won’t read about this place in a typical guidebook.

The best time to visit is in the morning. You can get there by taking the metro directly to Zona Universitat and walking a few short minutes. Alternatively, and my preferred option is, stopping by Hidden Cafe first! Yes, that is the real name of the cafe, and you’d be crazy not to pop in. Try the incredible coffee and split a piece of their famous carrot cake with your partner to start your morning off right.

For a little city adventure, after the park, continue exploring as you head in the direction of the Pedralbes Monastery. Wrap up your day by visiting the neighborhood with a small village feel, Sarria.

Rosalada de Cervantes
After leaving your romantic hotel Barcelona, head to Rosalada de Cervantes

Day trips from Barcelona

Many guides to Barcelona will recommend that you visit cities like Girona if you’re seeking a day trip. I must say, Girona is stunning; however, I on the other hand firmly believe there are far more romantic cities and medieval villages in Catalonia to explore. My suggestion is to rent a car and head out in the direction of Girona. Who doesn’t love a road trip within a foreign country, right? I sure do! If you and your partner are early risers, I’ve got the perfect itinerary, try it out and see if you can fit in all the stops or, break it up into a two-day trip from Barcelona.

  1. Admire the canyon views while in Tavertet

2. Explore Rupit, a charming medieval village

Tip – Toss in some adventure on a short hike to the Salto de Sallent waterfall

3. Visit Besalu and its Roman bridge.

Tip – For a romantic lunch or dinner, check out Pont Vell

4. Take a pit stop in medieval Pals

Tip – Keep in mind, there are two places with the name Pals. You will want to enter into the village, not the Pals located closer to the sea, that is unless you want to camp for the night.

5. Last stop, Hostalric. Walk up to the castle for panoramic views over Catalonia.

Not interested in a full day road trip from Barcelona?

If you’re not too keen on a full day road trip Barcelona and are looking for something a little more low key, I have just the thing! Fancy a fine glass of wine perhaps? The Alta Alella Winery is located only 14km north of Barcelona in the famous Serralada de Marina region. Their wine tasting experience is well worth it. I attest to the fact, that this is an ideal place to dive deeper into a budding romance. With views over the Mediterranean sea, the Alta Alella Winery has the ideal backdrop for a romantic day.

Looking to add a little more romance to your visit? Contact the winery directly and book in for lunch or dinner in their lush garden after you’ve toured the cellars and bodega.

At the end of a busy day, the best way to unwind is with a little late night romance. Staying at Alta Alella Winery is one of my favorite things to do in Barcelona at night.

Book a tour from Barcelona to Alta Alella Winery online here.

tibidabo carrousel barcelona
Tibidabo carrousel is one of the romantic places Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona at night

There is no shortage of amazing places to finish your day with an evening of romance. With so many options it’s difficult to choose. Rather than recommend another cocktail bar in L’Eixample or a busy restaurant near the water, check out these romantic spots instead. Here is my Barcelona nightlife guide for couples.

Grab a Drink

The Box

Barcelona is such a multicultural city, and it’s worth exploring all the city has to offer. This is why I’ve added in, The Box, an incredible Colombian rum bar. What’s so romantic about it you may ask? Love is in the air. Go and check it out for yourselves and you’ll understand what I mean. The small bar is owned by the cutest couple in El Born, Matias from France and Mayra from Colombia. If you stop by on the weekend, you may get the chance to meet them both. Their story of romance is sure to melt your heart. The love between the two of them not only comes through in their relationship, but it oozes all over the bar, in the decor and within the vibe of the place.


Step back into the 20’s to the speakeasy cocktail bar, Bobbysfree. What’s more romantic than cuddling up to your partner around a cozy table while enjoying some live music? Not a lot I’d say. One thing to keep in mind before you come is that you will need a password to enter. Don’t worry though, you can find it by checking their website ahead of time. From the outside, you’ll be entering a barbershop, but step through the secret door into a portal of the past.

El Paradiso

In recent years this speakeasy bar has gained in popularity, but yet remains hidden. Tucked away in a charming location, close to Passeig de Borne, El Paradiso offers more than a fancy cocktail. Expect to pay a little more than typical here, cocktails are around 14 euros a piece, but they’re so worth it! You may be confused when you arrive, and that is because the entrance of the bar is a Pastrami shop. Through the fridge facade and a red velvet curtain, you enter El Paradiso.

La Caseta del Migdia

You’re most likely familiar with Montjuic, situated close to Plaza España in the direction of the airport. Strolling through the park during the day and walking around the old Olympic stadium or botanical gardens makes for a great way to pass the afternoon, but what about when sunset is fast approaching? La Caseta del Migdia is one of Barcelona’s secret spots, offering remarkable views of the mountains and the sea. It’s arguably the best Barcelona viewpoint. Grab a drink or stay for dinner and soak in the views as you relax at the outdoor terrace, perched at the Mirador del Migdia en Montjuic. Spend your evening watching the sunset from one of Barcelona’s best-hidden lookout points.

Skip the lines and book your Montjuic cable car ticket here.
hidden montjuic Barcelona
Looking for the best Barcelona viewpoint? Go to Montjuic.


Wonder what to eat in Barcelona? There are a plethora of dining options in this city, but I won’t share with you a long list of plain jane restaurants. There are plenty of great places to eat breakfast in Barcelona but let’s focus on dinners.

breakfast in barcelona
Start a day with breakfast in Barcelona, then head for a lunch. End it with romantic dinner. Spanish food is delicious!

Romance is something that is experienced, and one of the best ways to experience romance is with food. With that said, allow me to share an unforgettable dining experience with you. After a walk around the top of Tibidabo, perhaps a ride on the ferris wheel or a visit to the church, head over to the Observatori Fabra for Sopar amb les estrellas (dinner with the stars). Here you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars.

ferris wheel tibidabo Barcelona
Food in Barcelona is really delicious.

End your night here or continue back into the city center for some live music at the underground Jazz bar, Les Gens Qui J’aime. The decor and old feel are sure to evoke an array of nostalgic feelings; making this spot a perfect place to round off your night.

La Rambia may get crowded during weekend Barcelona.

Well, there you have it, a selection of the top romantic spots in Barcelona that your guidebooks won’t go into detail about or maybe won’t even share with you at all. Yes, strolling down La Rambla, taking a walking Barcelona tour, cooking class, or visiting places like Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia are worth experiencing. But, when it comes down to romance in Barcelona, heading off the beaten track is the best way to experience the most profound soul level connections with your love.

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