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Romantic Guide to Cape Town – Fun Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples

Fun Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples

Stare out across the glossy blue waters of Table Bay at the yellow lights flickering onto the front of Table Mountain. Watch as the peak becomes a black silhouette in the distance as the scorching African sun begins to slip into a deep sleep. The air is satisfyingly warm and welcoming, whilst the cold water sends chilling sparks up your legs as you stroll back along the beach to your hotel.

After freshening up at the hotel, order a bottle of South African sparkling wine and retire to the balcony for the night. Sit back on the comfortable sofa chair, with your legs hanging up over the railing. Gaze out as the last of the orange and red beams sink beneath the ocean. Cape Town is just a paradise for those who choose to stop and let it seduce you.

There is an endless choice of hotels and guest houses along the coast. Pick one of many beaches to make your romantic getaway. Each one equally as secluded, wild and romantic. The prices of accommodation in South Africa is significantly cheaper compared to major countries like the United States or France. That is because the country is still considered undeveloped. The currency is weaker too, making this a great destination for one wanting to indulge without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway or holiday for your loved one, we recommend Cape Town, South Africa. Here are our top picks of things to include when creating that dreamy itinerary:

Fun Things to Do in Cape Town For Couples in the Morning:

Watch the Sunrise from Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is one of the most romantic places in Cape Town. Beat the sunrise out of bed and head through to this small conical peak around 700m high. It only takes a few hours to follow the trail up, and the reward on top is mesmerizing. A full panoramic view of the Cape Peninsula and ocean. Little compares to how romantic it can be sitting on an isolated rock watching the sunrise wake up the city.

Lion’s Head Cape Town
There is no better place to watch the sunrise in Cape Town than Lion’s Head

Safari at a Game Reserve

Next on the list of fun things to do in Cape Town for couples is visiting one of many local game reserves surrounding the town. You can opt for a private tour where the two of you are driven around the park alone. Getting there early allows you to catch the animals stirring and beat the crowds of tourists. Catch close-up glimpses of the infamous wild animals of Southern Africa in their natural habitats. Ostriches, zebras, lions, elephants and rhinos are among the most popular to take photos of. And remember, taking photos can promote conservation for these animals and ensure their continued protection.

ostrich Cape Town
Watching the wildlife with your partner is a perfect idea for a date in Cape Town!

Breakfast in Bed

Not a morning person? Skip the action and adventure and just laze about in bed. Order in some tasty brekkie (South African slang for breakfast) and a few glasses of mimosas at one of the romantic restaurants in Cape Town. Open the glass sliding door and curtains and enjoy the view of the crashing waves and kite surfers.

Top Romantic Things To Do in Cape Town in the Afternoon:

Play with the Penguins

Nothing quite ignites a cuteness overload like a dozen penguins waddling back and forth along the beach. So head down with your partner to catch these flightless birds breeding and basking in the sun. They are restricted to a few small beach coves in the Simonstown area. It’s one of the most romantic places in Cape Town.

Boulders Beach penguins romantic
Playing with penguins at Boulders Beach is one of the most romantic things to do in Cape Town.

Wine Tasting

Another absolute must do whilst visiting Cape Town, regardless of whether it is for a romantic weekend away or with friends. South African wine has a history dating all the way back to 1659, with the first bottle produced in Cape Town by its founder.

The wine producing regions of South Africa are mostly concentrated in a small radius around the city of Cape Town. This makes it easy to see most of the popular vineyards and wineries in a single day. Just remember to pace yourself and stop for lunch!

wine tasting Cape Town
If you are looking for a romantic activities for couples in Cape Town, go to wine tasting tour!

Sunset cruise

Another way to see the beauty of the landscape is from the ocean. If you are looking for a romantic things to do in Cape Town, sail out in the late afternoon with your loved one to see the city from afar. Toast to the setting sun aboard a luxury vessel with a bottle of local South African wine. The breath-taking views of the iconic Table Mountain (and your partner) is an experience not worth missing.

table mountain Cape Town sunset cruise
End the day in Cape Town with a romantic sunset cruise with a Table Mountain View.

Fun Things to do in Cape Town For Couples in the Evening:

Dinner with a view

Before heading out for cocktails and a night of partying, make a reservation for two at a fancy restaurant. Pick a place with a view overlooking the mountain, ocean or city. Order some South African favourites, like ostrich meat, lobster or oysters. If you want to be adventurous, try crocodile or kudu.

romantic dinner Cape Town
There are so many romantic restaurants in Cape Town, that you can be sure you will find the perfect one.

Camp’s Bay Beach Road

The sound of music and festivities hits the air as soon as night comes round. Dress up and go explore the vibrant nightlife and social scene the city puts on. Camp’s Bay beach round is a strip covered in restaurants, bars and hangouts. Here you’ll be absorbed in the friendly and flowing personality of the locals.

Camps Bay sunset romantic Cape Town
If you don’t want to go to one of the romantic restaurants in Cape Town, spend the evening at Camp’s Bay.

A Night Under the Stars

Loud music and dance are not for either of you? Or just want to spend this romantic holiday alone? Why not opt for a secluded night out under the African skies. Most game reserves or guest houses on a wine farm offer this. Take the mattresses and blankets out onto the patio or grass. If there’s a designated place to make a campfire even better. Cuddle up and watch the stars as you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Cape Town’s rich history and diverse cultures make it a playground for the eyes. Brace yourself for an explosion of colours, patterns and pride. On every corner, you’ll find the perfect balance of nature and man, and how the two have moulded together to create a loving link that is lost in most major cities in the rest of the world. The smell of romance lingers in the air as you dance between dazzling Dutch homesteads, artistic African antiques and sweet, rosy red wine farms. Your significant other will fall in love over and over again with you as the Cape perfectly pairs together a backdrop that speeds up and slows down the heart.

If you want a romance that is wild then South Africa is right for you.

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