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How To Create Romantic Memories With A Last-Minute Getaway?

Making memories with your loved one on a romantic trip is a wonderful idea. If you’ve been thinking about that perfect getaway but putting it off for one reason or another, maybe it is time for a little spontaneity! 

Organizing a last-minute getaway can make a romantic vacation even more special. The spontaneity and excitement of an unplanned trip heighten the romance and make your adventure feel even more special. And while received wisdom is that you should always book your vacations well in advance, there are plenty of ways to save on eleventh-hour adventures. 

From last-minute cruise promotions to standby plane tickets, it can be surprisingly easy to get to a tropical paradise or a stunningly beautiful remote destination with your partner. For those spontaneous couples who are looking for a little unplanned excitement in their next trip, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your last-minute getaway. 

Search out the deals

Looking for flight and hotel packages and special deal alerts is one of the best ways to make your last-minute getaway more affordable.

Plenty of resorts and hotels offer deals to fill otherwise empty rooms and signing up for alerts from airlines, travel agents, and other travel retailers will help you be aware of bargains. If you are ready to go at a moment’s notice, you can often find unbelievable deals online. 

Choose your destination carefully

Having an open mind about where to go and what you want from your getaway will help you find more affordable options. Thinking about heading to a cold-weather destination like Canada or Alaska might be less of an expense (particularly during high season), and if warm sun, sea, and sand is a deal-breaker, then looking beyond Florida and California can help you reap rewards.

There is a load of cheaper destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Latin America that can provide you with a tropical paradise for a fraction of the cost!

Be flexible

Being flexible about where you want to go, when you want to go, and how you want to get there is the key to last-minute travel. If you have no fixed assumptions in mind, not only can you find cheap deals, but the possibilities are endless!

With a little boldness and bravery, you will find yourself discovering destinations you might never have considered. Being open to the possibilities of heading to the airport and jumping on a standby flight, for example, will result in unforgettable experiences. 

Alternative romantic getaway ideas

If you are open to thinking outside the box, you will find a range of great romantic getaways that you might not otherwise have thought about. 


Combining the comfort and luxury of a hotel with the excitement and adventure of camping, glamping offers a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ scenario, will take you to remarkably beautiful destinations and will save you some money at the same time.


Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do is explore your own hometown in a little more detail, and discover a new, secret side to places you thought you already knew inside and out!

Road trip

Jumping in your car and heading off on the open road is an adrenaline-fueled adventure that can result in some incredibly romantic experiences, and is the ideal way to make memories with your loved one that lasts a lifetime. 


Avoiding the traditional hotel experience and staying in an Airbnb or self-catered accommodation is a great way to make your last-minute getaway more affordable. Plus, you’ll likely find your options opening up, and be able to immerse yourself more completely in your destination. And after all, what’s more romantic than cooking a meal for your special someone?

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