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Romantic Things to do in Nantucket for Couples

Nantucket is a great hideaway retreat for couples who are in love. This is a beautiful island that is about 30 miles south by ferry of Cape Cod and is in the state of Massachusetts.

There are a little over 14,000 residents on the island who will make you feel right at home. It is truly a resort-like area that will quickly help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Renting one of the charming homes in Nantucket will guarantee you an authentic experience. Read on to discover all of theromantic things awaiting a couple who wants to visit or live in Nantucket.

A Romantic Ferry Ride From Hyannis to Nantucket

A romantic ferry ride is a fantastic way to get onto the island. Couples enjoy being on the water and being able to enjoy the beautiful boats and other scenic areas that the island has to offer. Hy-Line Cruises and The Steamship Authority are the two cruise lines that provide couples and others with the 1-hour cruise service from Hyannis to Nantucket all year long.

If you are a couple who wants more time on the waters, The Steamship Authority runs a traditional and a passenger line for more than 2 hours for your pleasure.

Explore the Beaches of Nantucket

Many couples who are new to the island, rent bikes and explore the beautiful beaches. As you enter the island, you will see several places for renting bikes to get to the beach areas.

Because it is an island, there is soothing water all around it. Bring along a picnic basket and spend your day riding your bikes and watching the waves come up on the beaches in Nantucket. After all, it is your time to relax after all of the hard work you have been doing during the week.

People love the 80 miles of beaches. If you decide to drive along them, you will need a sticker to place on your vehicle that is issued by the city of Nantucket.

And if you want to walk along the beaches, that is perfectly fine too. See the sunrise or sunset on Nantucket as they are some of the most beautiful in the world. It is a romantic moment for couples who are in love and want to spend quality time together.

The beaches on the island include Jetties beach, Surfside beach, Madaket beach, and Nobadeer, just to name a few. The weather is usually beautiful all year round on these beaches and the skies are the bluest you have ever seen.

Walking along these beaches at the beginning of your day or before heading in for the night, is one of the most tranquil ways to relax your body and find romance in the sunlight or moonlight of Nantucket. 

Explore Downtown Nantucket

One of the best ways to learn about the culture of Nantucket is to explore its downtown areas. There are many charming shops and restaurants that you will love. Eat ice cream from the pharmacy on Main street, just to get a taste of the island.

Downtown Nantucket has so much to do for the couple who wants quality time to explore and bond. Explore it as a way to enjoy the history of the island.

Fine Dining Harborside at the Brant Point Grill Restaurant

There is nothing more romantic and delicious than dining at The Brant Point Grill restaurant on the harborside of Nantucket. Learn about the great seafood available at the restaurant and all of the fine dining that is there for you to experience. Our signature lobsters, great steaks, and oysters will leave you wanting to revisit us for more.

We are on the harborside which means you can watch the boats coming in and people walking along the beach. It will be a moment for the two of you to remember and is one of the most popular places that our couples tend to enjoy. 

The Nantucket Film Festival

Take advantage of experiencing The Nantucket Film Festival on the island, along with other romantic events. The festival will be held this year from June 22 to June 27, 2022, and features so many ways to learn about screenwriting and other things to know about making a movie.

The festival offers coffee night and so many other adventures that you can try for the first time as a couple. 

Nantucket Whaling Museum

The Nantucket Whaling Museum is one of three museums that is still in its original location. Learn more about the history of Nantucket and its whaling industry.

The museum offers classes and workshops to participants who want to explore the island. The Nantucket Museum is kept up by the Nantucket Historical Association and is available to patrons all year long.

Maria Mitchell Aquarium

The Maria Mitchell Aquarium, also known as The Nantucket Aquarium has two large observatories for whale watching.

Participants get to see small sea creatures and everything that Nantucket has to offer with regard to the waters surrounding the island. 

Enjoy a Sailing Excursion on The Endeavor With a Real Captain

You simply cannot visit this magnificent island without going on a sailing excursion for two. Sail along on The Endeavor with a daytime sail, nighttime sail, or private charter and experience old Nantucket as she once was.

The sailing excursion offers an experienced captain who will take you on the ride of your lives. See all of the Nantucket sites as your sailboat moves along in the beautiful waters of Nantucket. There is no better way to see the island than by a sailboat excursion. 

Enjoy a Piece of Nantucket History at The Thomas Macy House

Visit the Thomas Macy House and learn more about one of the most prominent families on the island. Thomas and Nancy Macy started from a small structure and built their place into an elegant home that entertained some of the most well-known families in the area.

See all of the beautiful architecture of the home and elegant china that was used during the fancy parties held at the residence. Enjoy a piece of Nantucket history while on your romantic excursion as a couple. 

Gail’s Tours Inc. of Nantucket

Gail’s Tours Inc. is one of the best stops for visitors who want to know more about the island. Learn and explore the best places to eat, the best adventures, romantic excursions, and all of the need-to-know details about the island. Gail’s Tours is an intimate way to learn about Nantucket. and its history. 

These are some romantic things to do in Nantucket for couples. Enjoy the ferry ride onto the island. Enjoy the beautiful beaches as you lay under the sun all day. Rent bicycles and tour the island to see all of the local sites. Dine at Brant Point Grill and enjoy lobsters, steaks, and oysters that showcase the Nantucket culture. Learn a little history at The Thomas Macy House and take a sailing excursion with a real captain on The Endeavor.

There are so many different activities for couples on the island. It is a great way for couples to rent a home and enjoy everything the island has to offer. With such a variety of activities, you will never get bored on Nantucket.

With the warm weather every day, you are guaranteed to have the best time on your romantic getaway on the island.

If you have never been on an island before, then you are in for a treat. The small island of Nantucket with a great sense of community will have you feeling like you are right at home in no time at all. Learn about the culture and what makes Nantucket more special than any other place in the world.

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