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Romantic Seville Getaway – Things to do + Romantic Places in Seville for Couples

Seville, Spain is without a doubt one of the most romantic cities in the world. In fact, it’s been in my top 5 destinations for over a decade. While I enjoy the bustling cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and other popular cities in Spain, there’s just something special about southern Spain.

The Andalusia region of Spain, where Seville is located, is known for its passionate locals, culture, mouthwatering tapas, soulful Flamenco performances, evening paseos (strolls), and stunning Moroccan architecture.

Why Take The Romantic Trip To Seville?

There are so many reasons Seville makes for the perfect romantic getaway. 

Seville’s City Center Is Walkable.

The city center is 100% walkable, perfect for evening strolls and leisurely making your way to dinner. You won’t have to hassle with taxis, traffic, and public transportation here!

Seville Is Cheap.

Seville is also extremely affordable. It’s cheaper than larger cities in Spain like Madrid, and a fraction of the cost when compared to Paris, London, and the United States. Basically, you can eat and drink like a king in Seville without wincing at the bill. 

Sangria is typically between €2-4, small tapas plates €3-4, large tapas (enough for a meal) €7-10. And that’s for the well-known restaurants located in the heart of the city center. Slash those prices in half for dining outside the city center or at local joints not geared towards tourists. 

This is a city to wine and dine to your heart’s delight. With prices like this, every night is the perfect night to “splurge” for a memorable meal, or several, with your plus one.

It’s Always Warm In Seville.

The weather is another perk that makes Seville the perfect choice for a romantic getaway. Say goodbye to layers of winter coats here! Outside of extremely hot summers, Seville offers fairly mild weather year-round…perfect for al fresco dining and rooftop drinks.

The Most Romantic Places In Seville

There are plenty of things to do and romantic places in Seville for couples to make an incredible trip. Stroll the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood with its narrow winding streets lined with colorful buildings, watch the sunset from the river, enjoy rooftop cocktails overlooking the cathedral…the list goes on and on!

I’ll take you through the top activities for a romantic Seville getaway. These are the things Jake and I find ourselves doing on repeat every time we visit the city. I’m sure after experiencing all that Seville has to offer, you and your plus one will be planning a return trip over an evening of tasty tapas and incredible views. 

Maria Louisa Park and Plaza de Espana

Book the guided tour of Maria Louisa Park and Plaza de Espana.

Plaza de Espana is easily one of the most romantic places in Seville. A grandiose Spanish pavilion complete with fountains, bridges, and massive archways…all in the middle of the park. 

Wander the pavilion and don’t forget to look at the intricate tile work depicting each province of Spain along the base of the building. 

Most people would recommend visiting in the evening, which is when everyone goes. The place is packed from around 10:00 am on. The fact that this is a popular spot for tour groups just adds to the chaos.

For a more serene and romantic experience, I recommend visiting at sunrise. The park and plaza will be empty and you’ll have the place to yourselves. You might even be rewarded with a sky filled with bright pink and jewel blue hues as the sun rises. 

If time allows, visit Plaza de Espana twice. Both at sunrise (or close to it) and in the evening. It’s fun to see the contrast of the plaza completely empty in the early mornings and then packed with excited tourists later in the day. Another plus to making your way back to Plaza de Espana in the evening is that it’s especially romantic when the buildings are lit up. 

Rooftop Cocktails

Book a rooftop walking tour.

Seville’s warm weather and memorable views make this the perfect destination to enjoy rooftop cocktails.  

La Terraza del Eme at Hotel Eme boasts some of the best views as it’s a stone’s throw from the cathedral. Literally. The views are especially impressive after the sun sets and the cathedral lights up and glows bright against the black sky.

Because this is one of the most popular spots for rooftop cocktails, the prices are the highest you’ll pay during your trip. Cocktails are around €15 and wine is €7. It’s easily worth every penny as you won’t likely forget these views anytime soon.

A lower-priced alternative with a more casual vibe is Terrace Pura Vida at the Fontecruz hotel. 

Rooftop cocktails are an experience not to be missed for a romantic Seville getaway. I highly recommend trying more than one spot for variety. Read this post for my top five picks for rooftop cocktails in Seville!

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Seville

Watch The Sunset Along The River

Snagging a spot along the walls of the riverbank to watch the sunset is a popular experience for both locals and tourists. You’ll often see couples sharing a bottle of wine.

I recommend grabbing a spot by the Triana bridge as it seems to offer the best views. 

Mercado Lonja is the perfect place to grab a few tapas to-go and make a picnic out of it. My favorite items include croquettes, pintxos (small toasts topped with a variety of ingredients), paper cones filled with jambon and manchego cheese, and of course, gelato. 

There are also empanadas and sandwiches…perfect for taking away. Skip the paella…the other items I listed are better.

Evening Paseo 

An evening paseo, or stroll, is part of the Spanish culture. Locals relish in the cool of the evening air and view it as an opportunity to “see and be seen”, say hello to their neighbors, and walk the streets with no destination in mind. 

You’ll see people of all ages, couples, families, and groups of friends meeting up for a walk. Sometimes they’ll stop at a tapas bar for a drink or snack…or not. The tradition of the evening paseo usually starts after work and will continue until everyone is ready for a late dinner.

My favorite area for an evening paseo in the city center is Calle Sierpes, a popular shopping street where the shops stay open late and the narrow lanes paired with the glowing windows makes for an enjoyable walk. 

The river, of course, is another popular area for an evening stroll. Especially around the Triana bridge.

Cross the bridge into the Triana neighborhood. It has a local vibe to it where you’ll get a real taste of Spain as you watch the locals stroll.

If you’re looking for a romantic Seville experience that’s free, this is a great choice!

Tapas Crawl in Santa Cruz

Book the private wine and tapas walking tour.

You can’t discuss the most romantic places in Seville for couples and not mention barrio Santa Cruz. This neighborhood was once the Jewish quarter and is a labyrinth of twisting, narrow, cobblestoned streets. 

Barrio Santa Cruz is fun to wander during the day as it’s lively and filled with activity. It’s especially romantic at night when the day-trippers have left. You’ll have moments where you have the street to yourselves. This area also has several wonderful restaurants, making it perfect for a tapas crawl!

I recommend visiting La BartolaVineria San Telmo, and Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas. To be 100% transparent, Las Columnas is known for the lively atmosphere, hilarious owner, and low prices. Not the food.

It’s perfect if want to experience it all. Get the romantic atmosphere and stellar food at other restaurants and rooftop spots, experience an energetic spot filled with locals and tourists at Las Columnas. Plus, the sangria is dirt cheap. A mere €1.50 last time I was there in 2019.

Do as the locals do and start your tapas crawl late, around 9:00 pm. Enjoy two or so tapas with a glass of wine or sangria, and then move on to the next spot. 

If you have several nights in Seville and want to do another tapas crawl in a different area, head to the Feria barrio. This neighborhood has some of my favorite restaurants in the city including Duo Tapas and Eslava.

Flamenco Show

Book the ticket to the flamenco show in Seville.

Passionate dancing set the thrum of a Spanish guitar…of course seeing a Flamenco performance is on the list of things to do for a romantic Seville getaway. It’s not surprising that I immediately fell in love with the intricate footwork paired with graceful turns set to a riveting dual between the male and female lead dancers. To say this is a passionate performance is an understatement. You can feel the passion, love, and intensity radiating from the dancers, guitarists, and singers.

What came as a surprise was how much Jake enjoyed the performance. In fact, he requested that we go to another show the very next night!

I recommend getting a taste of both types of Flamenco performances, formal and casual/impromptu. 

For a formal show book tickets at La Casa del Flamenco. Tickets are around €20. The stage is set in the courtyard of a 15th century Andalusian home adding to the authentic atmosphere. 

Try La Carboneria Bar for a casual vibe where the admission is free and the show is 100% impromptu. The lively atmosphere is infectious, and you’re guaranteed for a good time.

Visit Alcazar Palace

Get skip the lines ticket to Alcazar Palace.

Last but not least is the Alcazar Palace, also known as the Real Alcazar. The intricately designed courtyards, impressive tilework, and awe-inspiring mix of Moorish, Renaissance, and Gothic styles will take your breath away. You’ll be dreaming of Spanish kings and queens from days of old from the moment you enter. 

What may surprise you is that the Alcazar Palace is the oldest palace in Europe that’s still in use. The royals stay in the upper apartments when visiting Seville. The king’s sister, Infanta Elena, used the Alcazar Palace as her wedding venue. 

Several movies and shows have been filmed in the Alcazar Palace, including Game of Thrones. Once you tour this Moorish masterpiece, you’ll see why it makes for the perfect set. 

Plan to spend at least two hours here so you have time to enjoy the expansive gardens filled with fountains, palm trees, and tiled walkways lined with perfectly manicured hedges. 

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time and often sell out days in advance. Do not, I repeat, do not think you can buy tickets the day of. I’ve seen lines that lasted 4+ hours for tourists hoping to gain entrance the day of. 

Tickets are steal, in my opinion, at €12.50. Don’t be tempted to visit on Monday’s where several timeslots are free entrance. It’s packed and not worth saving €12.50 to deal with the crowds. Go either first thing in the morning or as late as possible. Day trippers crowd the palace in the afternoons. 

I hope this post helps plan your upcoming trip to Seville with your plus one. These are absolutely the most romantic places in Seville for couples to add to their itinerary. Enjoy rooftop cocktails overlooking the city, watch the sunset along the riverbank, tour the breathtaking Alcazar Palace, and more! I can assure you that you’ll be booking a return visit to Seville after enjoying these romantic Seville activities.



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