Rzeszow - the city of the best ice creams on the world!
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Rzeszow is a capital of Subcarpathian province, only 2 hours driving from Cracow and 20 minutes from famous Lancut castle.

City Office in Rzeszow, Poland

It’s quite small city with beautful Old Town. City is famous of big Wall in the middle of it and Undergrounds possible to explore.

Rzeszow Old Town

This is great city to live. Every year it wins the first or second prize in best Polish cities rank.

What we love about Rzeszow are ice creams u Myszki! They are extremly delicious, the best ice creams that we’ve ever eaten!

They are fresh and creamy with tasty topping made from milk chocolate. Yummy 🙂

World's best ice creams! u Myszki in Rzeszow

Best ice-creams in Rzeszow

Lody u Myszki are located on 3-maja street, very close to Old Town. You can easily find it- there’s always long queue there. You will wait to buy these ice creams at least 10 minutes but it’s totally worth it 🙂.

Ice creams u Myszki in Rzeszow, Poland

After eating those sweets, go for a walk.

Take a picture of Man with Guitar statue. It’s Tadeusz Nalepa, famous Polish musician. Than go to beautiful Kosciol sw. Stanislawa. This church was built in 1363, long before the emergence of the U.S. 😉

Tadeusz Nalepa statue at Old Town in Rzeszow

If you are travelling with children, go to Muzeum Dobranocek. It’s Museum of Bedtime Cartoons, so we are sure every child will love it!

If it’s just two of you, take your partner for a date. There are many romantic places – Read about them in our article about romantic places in Rzeszow.

Fresh bike Lemoniada in Rzeszow

What are you favourite ice creams? Where did you eat it?


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