Saturday night market Chiang Mai
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Saturday night market Chiang Mai

Saturday night market Chiang Mai is in our opinion one of the best bazars in Thailand.

It has the largest selection of food, clothes and souvenirs in reasonable prices.

TIP: Go there at the dusk, it’s less crowded. At 9-10 p.m. there are so many people there that’s it really hard to get around.


Every Saturday from the dusk (6 p.m.) until midnight (or even longer).


Wua Lai Road,  right next to Chiang Mai Gate.

What to eat and drink?

There are so many AMAZING things at Saturday night market Chiang Mai that the best advice would be to try and buy everything.

Since it’s impossible, we selected few things for you :).

1. Anything fruity.

Fresh coconut, fruit shakes, papaya, banana, mango, watermelon, durian, pineapple and many more.

Fruits are definately must-try at Saturday night market Chiang Mai. They are so delicious!

Fresh fruits in Thailand

2. Fried insects.

Saturday night market Chiang Mai is one of the few places where you can try famous fried insects.

You can find them in the middle of the market, at the place where you can sit to eat something.

We’ve tried fried bugs there. Click to find out more.

Fried insect

3. Food.

ANYTHING you choose will be delicious. So just pick something that looks the best for you.

Pad Thai, grilled meat, fish balls, noodles, soups and even KFG (fake KFC).

You will be full for sure after leaving the Saturday night market Chiang Mai ;).

Karolina with Thai dumplings

4. Desserts.

There are so many delicious desserts to try! Pancakes, waffles, jellies and many more.

For us the best were mini ice-creams. You pay 20 baths (50 cents) and get 5 small ice creams in any flavor you want.

No more confussion in pastry shop. Now you can try EVERYTHING and don’t feel overeaten.
Mini ice creams

What to eat and drink?

It depends on what you need. You can buy basically everything at Saturday night market Chiang Mai: clothes for you, clothes for your pet, hairclips, iPhone covers, pillows, shoes etc.

Everything is pretty cheap but still, it’s always good to bargain ;).

Hairclips at Saturday Walking Street in Chiang Mai

What to do?

Eat, buy and enjoy an amazing atmosphere of Saturday night market Chiang Mai.

If you are tired, go on Thai Massage.

180 bahts ($3) for one hour of pleasure it’s not too much ;).

What would you like to try the most at Saturday night market Chiang Mai?


  1. I was under the impression that you could get fried insects at most of the markets. Good to know that this would be the place to go to experience insects.


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