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Facts on Singapore That Will Surprise You

Singapore is an amazing place, so different from all the other South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar or Philippines. It is actually more similar to American cities like New York. In this post, we are giving you facts on Singapore.

We were surprised how many of them we found! But just think about it… the land built on the ground with no natural resources, on a tiny land with nothing but great ideas must be different from everything else.

Singapore is unique on a global scale! In this post about the fun facts on Singapore, you will find out why…

Singapore from the above
Facts Singapore List

Interesting Singapore facts #1

You can’t buy chewing gum in Singapore

One of the interesting facts of Singapore is that yeah, this Singaporean law is one of the funniest we have ever heard of. Chewing gum (except dental and nicotine gums) is officially forbidden in Singapore.

You won’t find a chewing gum in any store. The only doctor can prescribe it to you! Why Singapore has such a weird law? It is all about the cleanliness. The government’s main goal is to keep the country neat and we all know how many people throw the chewing gum on the street, without thinking about how disgusting it is.

It’s also not allowed to eat and drink on public transportation (buses and MRT). It’s basically for the cleanliness again.  With so much good food across the country, it might be hard to resist, but you wouldn’t want to get a fine!

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Bridge in Singapore
Facts Singapore: the chewing gum situation

Singapore interesting facts #2

Singapore is the only island city-state in the world

This is one of the cool facts of Singapore. There are other city-states in the world, like for example Vatican, but Singapore is the only one situated on the island (and 62 small islets).

What’s interesting, Singapore is a really small country but it’s not the smallest on Earth.

Karolina and Patryk in Singapore
Fun facts about Singapore: Island-City-State

Interesting Singapore facts #3

The most famous hotel in South East Asia is situated in Singapore

One of the cool facts about Singapore is the next one! If you have ever been to South East Asia, or at least read something about this area of the world, you must have heard of Marina Bay Sands. This is the most famous hotel not only in Singapore but also in the whole ASEAN.

What’s special about this place? First of all- the architecture. Marina consists of the three buildings and a huge boat-shaped roof on the top of them. Secondly- an infinity pool that is situated on the rooftop and it is considered one of the best in the world. Last but not least- events. A lot is going on in this hotel! The grand final of Asia Got Talent show is just an example.

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Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
Facts Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

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Singapore interesting facts #4

Singapore was a Malaysian city in the past

One of the very interesting facts about Singapore is that some people still don’t realize that Singapore is not only a city but also a country. When talking with other people, we often hear that they thought Singapore is just another Malaysian city like Kuala Lumpur.

It is not but these countries are connected to each other. Some Malaysian people go to Singapore to work and earn money. And Singaporean people visit Malaysia very often during their free time (like weekends).


Sightseeing in Singapore
Interesting facts about Singapore: the history of the country

Interesting Singapore facts #5

Singapore is a new country

One of the great facts about Singapore is that when we were in Singapore last year (in 2015), Singapore celebrated the 50 anniversary of its existence. It became independent from Malaysia in 1965.

It is worth to mention that through the years, Singapore was also dependent on Japan and Great Britain.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
Interesting fact about Singapore: Singapore is a new country

Singapore interesting facts #6

It’s forbidden to build high buildings in Singapore

One of the interesting facts on Singapore is that although there are 64 skyscrapers right now in Singapore, it is forbidden to build buildings higher than 280 metres (919 ft). Why? Because it is a small country and the military base called Paya Lebar Air Base is situated really close to the central business district.

High buildings could be a big trouble for the planes, that’s why the law regulates their height.

Singaporean skyscrappers
Singapore fun facts: the high buildings

Interesting Singapore facts #7

Lion is the symbol of Singapore

Singha means lion in the Malay language, that’s why Singapore is also called The Lion City. The lion head is also a symbol of Singapore. it’s funny because actually, no lion has ever lived in that area.

For the government of Singapore, it doesn’t really matter. They say that lion represents the strength, excellence and courage, that’s why it a symbol of their country.

Lion symbol of Singapore
Interesting facts Singapore: the lion

Singapore interesting facts #8

A millionaire’s city

It is almost unbelievable but one of every six Singaporean households have more than US$1.000.000 fortune! And we are talking about disposable wealth, means that properties, businesses, cars etc. don’t count!

Singapore has the highest percentage of millionaires in the world. How awesome is that?


Singapore travel blog
Facts of Singapore: Singapore is quite rich

Interesting Singapore facts #9

Singaporean people speak Singlish

Some people think the Singlish (also known as the Singaporean English) isn’t supposed to be spoken because it is not exquisite enough.

What is Singlish? It’s the language spoken in some parts of Singapore. It has words from many different languages, including English, Malay and Chinese.

Singapore by night
Facts on Singapore: the languages

Singapore interesting facts #10

There’s a lake in a Singaporean shopping mall

That’s one of the facts of Singapore that was super interesting for us. Have you ever seen a lake and gondolas inside the shopping mall?

We did only once and it was in Singapore! More specifically, inside the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall.

We were really surprised when we saw it!

Singapore interesting facts lake inside the shopping mall
Facts on Singapore: the shopping mall


Interesting Singapore facts #11

Singaporeans are the fastest walkers

Singaporeans have the fastest walking speed, which is approximately 6.15km an hour. It could be related to their efficient and busy lifestyle.

Singapore interesting facts #12

Singapore is known for its boutique hotels

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Did you know these facts about Singapore? Do you know any other interesting facts on Singapore? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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6 Responses

  1. #1
    Chewing gum isn’t illegal so you can chew it. You can also be in possession of it without getting in trouble with the law.

    Chewing gum isn’t allowed to be sold except for medicinal purposes. Chewing gum was frowned upon as cleaning up gum residue cost millions per year and made the city look messy. What prompted the ban on sales was when someone stuck gum on the edge of the MRT (subway/metro) door which prevented the doors from closing properly and jammed up the train system as the train could not move off and prevented the next train from coming in, etc.

    Singapore wasn’t dependent on Japan. It was occupied by Japan during World War 2. It would be like saying France was dependent on Germany during WW2.

    The “lake” is in Marina Bay Sands, not Marina Square. It’s more like a man-made river where the sampans can be rowed along it.

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