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Interesting Slovenia Facts That Will Probably Surprise You!

Slovenia is a small country located in western Europe. It covers 0,04% area of the world which makes it the 5th smallest countries in European Union. It’s only one of the Slovenia fun facts that I want to share with you. Keep on reading to discover more interesting facts about Slovenia!

bled-kayaking Slovenia facts

There Are Three Climate Zones In Slovenia

The unique nature is what makes Slovenia special. In a single day you can take a morning walk in an autumnal forest, bathe in the Adriatic in the afternoon, and go skiing in the evening.

Slovenia has it all: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain, and the Karst. Even though it’s small it’s one of the most diversified countries in Europe!

There Are More Than 10,000 Caves In Slovenia

If you want to visit them all (one cave every single day) it will take you almost three years! It’s just theoretical, as most of the caves are closed for the public because of safety reasons.

The most popular cave in Slovenia that is available for the tourists is Postojna Cave. It’s a popular destination for a day trip from Ljubljana.

postojna cave - Slovenia facts

Postojna also the most visited cave in Europe and the only one in the world with a double-track railway. Its system is 20.6 km long, has many galleries, and chambers.

The Vilenica cave in Slovenia is the oldest cave available for tourists in Europe. Tourists from around the world have been visiting it since 1633.

Slovenian Language Is “Lovely”

sLOVEnia is the only country in the world that has LOVE in its name.

Ljubljana in the local language can be translated as “Beloved”. How awesome is that?

It’s worth mentioning that Slovenian is a part of Slavic languages. That means that the people from Slovenia can easily communicate with citizens of the following countries:

Being a native Pole, I understood 90% of the Slovenian language even though I’ve never been to this country before. That really is one of the best Slovenia facts, isn’t it?

Slovenian Wine Is Delicious

In Slovenia, 216 sq. kilometers of land is covered by vineyards.

The world’s oldest vineyard (400 years old) is located in Maribor on the North East of Slovenia. The other famous wine region is Bela Krajina.

wine - Slovenia facts

The Longest Stone Arch Railroad Bridge Is Located In Slovenia

It’s called the Solkan Bridge and it’s 220 meters long. Located in Nova Gorica (western Slovenia), it was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

There Are Only 2 Million Citizens Of Slovenia

Just to compare more people live in Chicago than in the entire country of Slovenia.

Beijing, China is ten times (!) more populated than Slovenia, and Bangkok, Thailand 3 times more populated.

The Church On Bled Island Is One Of The Best Places To Get Married In Europe

Couples can still get married in the church on Bled Island. Tradition says that the groom must carry his bride up the 99 steps to ensure a long and happy marriage.


Slovenia Is A Land Of Forests

About 9% of Slovenia are farmlands.

Half of Slovenia’s total area is forest. Over 55% of the territory is covered by forest, which places Slovenia among the 3 most forested countries in Europe.

The Chronicles Of Narnia Were Filmed In Slovenia

Some of the scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed in Slovenian Soca Valley. It’s also where Captain America was filmed, 

You Can Spend A Night In Prison While In Slovenia

Yes, you read it right! It’s definitely one of the best fun facts about Slovenia.

You can pay to spend the night in a prison cell in Ljubljana. The place is called Celica Hostelis a former political prison where you can sleep. We’ve been actually staying there and it was an amazing experience. You can read more about it here.


The Oldest Pharmacy In Europe Is Located In Slovenia

The Old Pharmacy in Olimje (located in the Municipality of Podčetrtek) is one of the oldest surviving monastic pharmacies in Europe.

Slovenia Has A Tumultuous History

In 1918, the Slovenes joined the Serbs and Croats in forming a new multinational state, which was named Yugoslavia in 1929.

Slovenia will be celebrating its 30th birthday on June 25th, 2021. The country declared independence from Yugoslavia on June 25th, 1991. Slovenia’s War of Independence in 1991, also known as the Ten-Day War, was the first war in Europe since the Second World War.

Quick Facts About Slovenia

  • Slovenia has only 46 km (~28,5 miles) of coastline – it has access to the Adriatic sea that is a part of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It borders with four countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.
  • The largest lake in Slovenia is Lake Bohinj.
  • Strunjan Peninsula cliff rises up from the sea to a height of 80 meters. It means that it’s one of the highest cliffs in Europe.
  • Triglav National Park is one of the oldest National Parks in Europe. The first efforts to protect this area are dating back to 1906. Mount Triglav is the highest peak in Slovenia it rises to 2864 m.
  • Slovenia has more than 7,000 kilometers (~4,350 miles) of hiking trails.
  • Ljubljana was named the Green Capital of The World in 2016.


Bonus Fun Facts About Slovenia

  • Donald Trump’s wife, Melania was born in Slovenia.
  • The tourism industry in Slovenia is growing by about 8% every year.

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  1. thank you the wonderfull couple for these great information about this small beautiful and wonder full country…s..love…nia…great …great …great …I love you sooooo much …I wish I meet you

      1. “the loved one” translates to ljubljEna, then you just change one letter – ljubljAna. So you were pretty right. (we) Slovenians are kind but closed, so we often feel we must quibble about small things to attract attention, hence the above comment :)
        btw, the highest ration of religious building per capita is actually Poland, at least nonslovenian sources say so.

        1. Thanks for your comment, Rok. You may be actually right! I haven’t found the current-to-date information about the largest number of religious buildings per capita in Europe, so I just removed this interesting fact about Slovenia.

  2. I very love Slovenia. Many years have passed since my first visit, and I still remember my impressions. As for me, this is the best country I have ever seen. Thank you, you gave me memories!

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