Soi Cowboy – red-light district in Bangkok

Soi Cowboy street in Thailand
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Soi Cowboy – red-light district in Bangkok

As we all know, Thailand is famous of not only fabulous beaches, oriental food, but also … from sex. Sex with woman, man or ladyboys. Soi Cowboy street is a Bangkok red light zone where you can find them all.

After watching The Hangover Part II, reading in the media about transvestites, or men changing sex, we wanted to check how it really is. We decided to check it out!

Soi Cowboy is the most famous night street in Bangkok. This is where we find many prostitutes, clubs and parties .

We went there – as it should be- after dark , around midnight.Red distric in Bangkok

Impressions are really unforgettable! Neon signs, colors and lights hit us right away. The street is quite short but you can see a lot of beautiful women there, they look like models! They have beautiful legs, faces, breasts etc. They seem to be really perfect.

Unfortunetely – everything is OK when you look from the waist down.

When you look below at their panties, you will see that these beauties are actually… gentlemen who have decided to change sex.

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For us, Europeans, seeing this kind of person was incredibly exotic. We really did not know where to look or what to do when this person took ours hands and walked us into the erotic club where his/ her? friends were dancing on the pole and were so proud of their appearance and sexuality.

We really admire Thais by their tolerance and self-acceptance 🙂

Shemales or Ladyboys (because that’s their name), ruthlessly approach to men, stroking their backs or even pinch their nipples .

The whole thing is so carefree, colorful and grotesque at the same time that it is difficult even to be ashamed of this situation.

After spending time with always-smiling, tolerant and cheerful Thai people, we automatically accept what was happening around us and we saw the positive side of pervasive sexuality 🙂 .

Note for tourists! If you go to Bangkok to have fun and you are afraid that Pretty Lady, which you are chatting to is in fact a man, we have for you a simple solution. Most Ladyboys are proud of their appearances , so to avoid unpleasantness, simply … ask what is this person sex 🙂

Another tip – in Thailand, you have sex exactly as you got at birth , so the man even after the sex change, in ID is still the guy.

To sum up-  Soi Cowboy Street is a must-see for every tourist visiting Bangkok. This is one of a kind, unique place.

And very safe – if you are caution (watch your handbags etc.), nothing will happen to you for sure!

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