Spices in Thailand

Spices in Thailand
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Spices in Thailand

When we first came to Thailand, we had no idea where to eat. We were a little worried that after eating in local restaurant, we will have food poison. We also had no idea about spices in Thailand.

Thanks God, we were brave enough to try traditional Thai cuisine. And we felt in love with it immediately :).

After spending 3 months in this country, we know a lot about spices in Thailand.

So we prepared something for newbies. Let’s go with us for a tour to Thai restaurants.

Here is what you can find there:

1. Crashed peanuts.

We don’t need to explain what peanuts are and how they taste 🙂

They are always added to Pad Thai (the most famous Thai pasta). You can also add it to any other dish, like soup, rice etc.

Crashed peanuts

2. Chilli powder.

Be careful! It’s really spicy.

At the beginning we suggest you to add only half a teaspoon of the chilli powder. Increase the amount gradually, little by little.

At the end of our stay in Thailand, we easily ate 2 teaspoons in one meal.
Chilli powder

3. Fish sauce.

It’s very salty, used mainly for seasoning soups.

We haven’t used it at all. Thai food was salty enough for us.

Fish sauce in Thailand

4. Pickled chilli peppers.

So good!

They are not very spicy. Rather sour. You can eat either peppers or  the vinegar, in which they are marinated.
Pickled chilli pepper

5. Sugar.

It may be surprised but Thai people add sugar to almost every dish!

Pasta, soup, rice… doesn’t matter. Sugar is obligatory in every Thai meal.

Toothpick in Thailand

6. Water.

It’s free in every Thai restaurant.

You will find jug of water on every table. Mugs (plastic or metallic) are on the different table, together with ice and straw.

Sometimes the waiter will bring it to you but when the place is crowded, you will need to take it on your own.
Pouring water in Thailand

7. Toothpicks.

You can find them in most restaurants.

It’s not rude to use them, as long as you cover your mouth with hand.
Spices in Thailand

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  1. I have been there the whole atmosphere smells of fish sauce, it okay with people who eat fish, but those who don’t for them it is nauseating, some ladies in our group kept throwing up


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