If you have been thinking about ways that you want to improve or change your life, as we head into a brand new year, then creating a greater work and life balance might be the thing you are looking to change. As we have shown is possible, life as a digital nomad can bring you the best of both worlds.

It isn’t all sipping cocktails by the pool with your laptop, though it can be some of the time! Hard work is involved to get a steady income stream, as well as dedication to carry on and keep going. Being in new places will be tempting for you to go off and discover, but there will still be deadlines and assignments to complete. 

Working as a digital nomad is something that isn’t for everyone. But if you like the sound of it, even for only a year or so, then you need to get a plan in place for how this is going to work for you. There are no specific paths to take, but there are some things that will make the process to digital nomad life much simpler. Here are some things to think about.

Identify What You Can Do

If you aren’t currently working in a remote role, then it is time to think about what you can do to be able to work from anywhere. You could go freelance in the role that you currently have, such as working as an accounting remotely or tutoring remotely.  But if that isn’t going to work, then you need to identify other skills that you have, in order to create a freelance life.

Some common remote work skills often include things like writing, copywriting, marketing, web design, computer design, and graphic design. If you have developer skills, then you could look for work building front end or back of websites. Teaching English through an online platform is something else that can work well. 

Get Organised With Business Side Of Things

At the end of the day, you are still going to be running a business. So as such, you need to be organized and have those things sorted out. You could register as a business or just as a self-employed sole trader. You could set up a business website, as well as looking at a site like Physical Address to arrange a mailbox for you for things to be forwarded on, as you won’t have a fixed address. 

Cut Down On Your Expenses

If you are going into digital nomad life, then you need to think about the life that you currently have, and then how you can cut it back.

When you’re away, you don’t want to have to think about making enough to cover a mortgage or other debts, so those are things that need to be cut down before you go.

The same goes for other living costs, so look at all of your direct debits and see what could be cut back. The same goes for your belongings. You could sell them or put them in storage; it all depends on how long you are planning to be away. Either way, learning to live with very little is a great tool to have as a nomad.

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