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Staying Away Longer Than Six Months? Here’s What You Should Do

If you love travelling the world, you will know that putting down roots in a certain place can be a daunting thing. When you live a nomadic life, freedom is exciting; you never want to stop moving around, travelling and growing.

However, life happens, and when you do decide to stick in one place for more than a few weeks, there are things to consider about your way of life in that place. Especially if you have kids, there are so many logistical factors that are essential to both your wellbeing and your safety – as well as your enjoyment!

In this post, you’ll find key tips on how to settle into a new place where you know you will be staying for a while. 

Putting Down (Small) Roots

While this place might not be where you plan to settle down forever, if you plan to stay longer than six months then you are putting down at least some small roots! This can be scary for couples who like to feel free to do whatever you want, but it can have some wonderful things about it too. 

The first thing to consider is the practical side of things. Here are a few crucial things you need to do when you arrive in the country and begin to settle in…

Register With A Medical Practice.

Especially if you have children, it is vital to register yourself with a local doctor so that in an emergency, you know where to call.

Find Your Local Community Centre.

If you have children, living in a new place can be a little isolating both for you and for them. Finding your local community centre can help ground you within a wider community in the area, helping you to meet people, make friends and create a network. 

Open A Bank Account & Get A Local Phone Number.

That’s a given, really. Don’t succumb to terrible exchange rates – open a local bank account.

Figure Out Your Transport.

You might consider buying a second hand Vauxhall for sale, or a similar type of sensible, small car, for your family to get around in. Buying a reputable car brand can guarantee that you will be able to re-sell the vehicle when you leave and go somewhere else.

Learn The Language.

At least on a basic level. Nobody could expect you to be fluent in a new language if you only live in a place for six months or more, but it is a good idea to learn some basics. Not only will this help you fit in with the local culture, but it will also assist you if you run into any trouble.

The Fun Part!

Now the logistics are out of the way, what about the fun stuff? What can a longer stay in a country offer you and your family, compared to just a few weeks?

Firstly, you have much more time to get into the culture of the place – particularly if the local culture is unfamiliar to you. Exploring the local area, befriending local people and immersing yourself in their way of life can be difficult with just a couple of weeks, but with six months or more you can become ingrained in the lifestyle there. This will not only teach your kids about different cultures, but it will also broaden your mind and your attitudes to the world at large. 

In addition to immersing yourself in the culture, it is a good idea to explore the country geographically. As well as getting close to the community in your area, having this extended amount of time in one place is a good excuse to see the different parts of the country. You might be living in a city, so go and explore the rural areas.

Hike up mountains, spend a weekend in a cabin, sleep under the stars – you have time to do it all now. Just because you have longer in a place, it doesn’t mean you should waste time. Use every day to immerse yourself fully in the experience. 

Final Thoughts

Being a nomadic family means constantly being on the move. If you decide to settle a little longer than usual in one place, your experience will be slightly different from the usual whirlwind-fast trips you take.

Use this helpful guide to aid you as you settle down, even for a short time; you will come away feeling like this place was truly a home away from home.

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