How To Survive Lockdown With Your Partner?

Staying home for so long may be frustrating! You literally can’t go anywhere and you are forced to be 24 hours a day with your flatmate(s). If you happen to be in a relationship, then it will be a great test for both of you. Will you be able to survive lockdown with your partner?

Some say that that you will either end up the quarantine expecting a child or you will be single again. Looking at China, where the divorce rate is spiking after the coronavirus, we should really think about keeping our relationships healthy before it’s too late.

Spending the last couple of years traveling the world, we’ve been forced to be together all the time. That’s why the lockdown is not scary for us at all. In this article, we want to share with you some tips on how to survive lockdown with your partner.

Stay True To Yourself

The goal is to stay happy with yourself first.

Focus on your needs, do the things that make YOU satisfied. Otherwise, you may start expecting from your partner to keep you entertained, or you may take out your frustration on others.

Of course, it can go the other way and your partner may be the toxic one. The first thing to do is to for both of you to think about your needs, then talk to each other about ways to survive this lockdown. If you have trouble communicating, consider relationship counseling that is also available online.

Don’t pretend to be someone else when you are with your partner

Stay true to yourself, no matter what.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, do what you want (as long as it doesn’t hurt your partner). Respect each other’s time, ideas, needs, and support each other in what you do.

Be Honest With Each Other

Ok, you are true to yourself but remember to also be honest with your partner!

Being in a good relationship requires absolute honesty. Every lie is a worm in an apple, which eats it from the inside.

It will always come out, so you better tell everything at the beginning and save yourself the hassle.

Organize Stay-At-Home Dates

Do it at least once a week. There are countless stay-at-home date ideas that are worth trying including the obvious ones like the romantic dinner and the wild ones like playing question games.

Don’t think that dates are only for people who just met! The key to success in a relationship is to keep what you developed at the beginning. 

Keep the fire burning and take care of your partner before it’s too late.

Keep Looking Good (Take Care Of Yourself)

Of course, you won’t be wearing sexy dresses and high heels for a month but you can dress nicely from time to time.

It will be a nice surprise for your partner and proof that you still care. 

Should I mention the obvious tip like taking a shower EVERY DAY? You may wear sports clothes but if your hair is greasy and you haven’t washed your body for a long time, then don’t be surprised your partner would stay away from you for a while.

Compliment Your Partner

Say something nice to your partner! Each of us should say a good word to their partner at least once a day.

Be proud of him or her, no matter why. A man can tell a woman that she looks beautiful. A woman can scream with delight when a guy turns on her jar. It’s so simple but incredibly effective.

Forgive And Be Forgiven

Apologizing, admitting mistakes, and asking for forgiveness is always hard. However, it’s the only way to make your relationship last.

When you know that you did something wrong, you should just say that you are sorry.

On the other hand, it is very important to be able to forgive, do not hold anger inside yourself. Throw all bad feelings away. If you accept an apology, accept it from the bottom of your heart. It’s the only way to find an answer on how to be happy together.

Share Your Feelings With Your Partner

One thing that definitely helps in keeping the fire burning is talking.

Find a time every day, ideally in the evening to talk to each other. Tell your partner how was our day, what you liked, what you didn’t, what conclusions you have, etc. It’s very uplifting.

Do Not Let Anyone Into Your Relationship!

No one and nothing can go into what is between partners

So do not let someone speak badly about your partner. Always listen to constructive criticism, but that is all. It’s ok to ask for the advice but only when you are looking for help in solving the specific problem.

The goal should never be to just complain about how bad is your partner for you to feel better. All problems should be solved within the relationship.

Accept Your Partner

One last thing on how to survive lockdown with your partner- good communication. Communication isn’t easy for everyone. Luckily, there are tools available to help. Visit BetterHelp for more information on how to communicate with your partner.

Gals, give your men simple information. Don’t force them to guess what you want. In my opinion, this is huge a mistake most women do. Requiring the guy to be in their head.

Men are really ‘easy to use’ and the simplest message will usually solve all problems. Let us save men all the suffering and simply tell them what we want.

Guys- accept your women the way they are. With all the hormonal storms, simply hug them. There is nothing better than feeling the support of someone that loves you.

Do Something New Together

No matter what. Talk to strangers, help homeless people, or just order the new food from the restaurant you haven’t tried before.

The point is to do something you’ve never done before. To teach your brains a new thing and make great memories together.

Cherish Your Life

Take a look at your life. It’s not that bad, isn’t it?

Find things that you are grateful for. Write them down together with your partner.

Then do something nice to show your love and thankfulness. Celebrate every moment that you are spending with people you love.

Make Sure Your Home Is A Comfortable Place For Both Of You

When you are out for the most time of the day, you don’t need your home to be work and leisure friendly. All you want is a comfy sofa and bed to relax in the evenings.

Things change during the lockdown. Creating a space for you and your spouse at home is REALLY important to make you both feel good.

Maybe your partner needs a new desk or chair? Maybe you want to plant some herbs on the balcony? Talk about your expectation and maybe refurnish your home.

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