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Our interview with Susan L. Smeder from Travel Blog:

Why did you start traveling?

That’s an easy one!  Jim and I love to travel!  We never really “started”
traveling since we have both traveled for jobs or leisure for years.  We
are both military brats so the love of travel has been baked into our
We started blogging in 2009 writing our posts in  This is
a great place for newbies to blog and while they see if writing about
their travel experiences is really what they want to do!
By the end of 2010, Jim and I were hooked on travel writing and decided to
start our own travel website, Ageless GlobeTravels, expanding upon just
blogging, to include hotel reviews, in-depth articles providing
suggestions for people who want to plan their own travel journeys.

What is the most important during your travels?

For us there really needs to be an element of history, art or architecture
to explore.  We are happiest when we are exploring a beautiful country,
visiting ruins, museums, and castles.

We particularly love Europe because there are so many historic places to
visit, but we would love to see ancient places in the rest of the world in
the near future.  A shopping tour just doesn’t do it for us, but Jim and I
do love restaurants and pubs with great food and atmosphere!  We are also
pretty picky about our accommodations, so our hotel choices are either
unique boutique hotels or upscale hotels with historic center locations.

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

We love meeting people from wherever we are visiting and are happiest when
we have a great conversation with a cab-driver, museum worker, restaurant
owner, fellow traveler or chatting up the locals at a pub!  Our travels
would not have had the beauty and dimension they did without these fun,
interesting and informative interactions.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

Jim and I don’t agree on this one.  I love Paris and always will because
of its grace and beauty, but I fell in love with Edinburgh last winter.
The ancient royal town with its stunning castle is absolutely filled with
historic architecture and the high-street pubs are fab!  Jim loves Prague
and Budapest!

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What do you avoid when you travel?

If Possible do NOT drive in big cities!  Jim and I love to rent a car and
create our own driving itinerary, but we learned an important lesson when
we booked a hotel in Florence (pre-GPS) in order to explore Tuscany.  We
spent so much extra time and completely frazzled our nerves trying to find
correct turns and streets in busy Florence, dodging crazy traffic,
avoiding wrong ways on one-way streets and parking in miniscule
underground parking spaces every day when we returned from exploring
Tuscany, that it really impacted our trip.

Fortunately, after that lesson, we now pick our rental car up at an
airport outside of town and do all of our driving through small
picturesque towns.  If we do have to drive into a large city, we now have
Garmen or Tom-Tom to guide us which is much better, but we plan ahead so
that we aren’t constantly driving in and out of the city during our stay.

What is your biggest travel dream?

Besides being independently wealthy and traveling the world 24/7?
We would love to be able to rent a villa and live for a month in France or
Italy.  We have vague distant plans to do this, but haven’t made it happen
yet.  I would also love to see the Holy Land and Egypt, but with all the
conflict going on right now, I doubt that will be on our itinerary any
time soon.

Who are your favorite travelers? What blogs do you read?

The list of people who we read and follow is HUGE and I love them all, but
some of our favorites are Hecktic Travels, The Gypsy Nesters, Euro
Travelogue, Daydream Tourist, A Luxury Travel Blog, Easyhiker, We Said go
Travel, Ottsworld and Barefoot Nomads.

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