Why you should take a bath in your parents house?
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Why you should take a bath in your parents house?

I decided to take a bath in my parents house.

I don’t feel good today, so I thought that the idea of taking a loong bath will be very relaxing.

All I can hear is the silence and the foam floating on the water… And I feel like I moved in time. When I was in school and I had no idea what I want to do in my life. I’ve always been different and I was really worried that I could never find a good man for me. In my small town, there wasn’t much people with big dreams… I felt lost and misunderstood.

I wanted to be with someone who will always support me, inspire me, and the most important thing- surprise me. Usually, I just knew all things man will tell me before he even opens his mouth. I read all the books about seduction. In fact, I read so many books that I knew almost everything what teenager could possibly know.

In my dreams I thought that I may get married in my 30s. Maybe.

And here I am, lying on my bath, being only 23 and thinking of my wedding which will be in less than 2 months.
I feel so surrealistic that I am starting to doubt if it’s for real.

I met WONDERFUL man of whom I could never even dream about. He’s always there for me, inspires me, supports me. He’s so freaking clever that sometimes my jaw just drops when I listen to him. Sometimes I think he just knows everything, haha.

And we are travelling… We are doing something I’ve always wanted. I was so curious about other cultures that I was almost sure that my husband will be foreigner. Maybe Scottish. With a big castle and a pale face 😉

Why am I writing all of this? I don’t know. Maybe because I am addicted to writing. Maybe because I feel I should tell all of you that life can be awesome. Better than you can imagine. Of course, there are some bad days, but there’s always sun after dark. Always 🙂

Don’t be afraid of tomorrow because it will be fantastic. Just be yourself and follow your dreams.

And take a bath (or a shower!) in your parents house. It’s really magical… This feeling like you were still teenager with head full of dreams. With all the doubts, fears and energy.
And big worries which seem to be funny when you are older 😉



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