The Beautiful Kos Island
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We just came back from beautiful Kos Island. We were there for a week, since 16th Oct. We bought the hotel from German Travel Agency Tui- the offer was very, very attractive. The price was ONLY 98 EURO for person for the whole week! We were sleeping in 5-star hotel with All Inclusive option.

We had a flight from Cracow by Ryanair. We paid 190$ for plane tickets, so we paid 330$  (235 Euro) per person for everything (All Inclusive holidays on Greek Island)!

This price is incredibly low 🙂

Below the most tips for visiting Kos:

  1. Kos ISLAND

Amazing :). Kos island is a place where father of medicine- Hipocrates was born. The Island is small, so the best way to see everything is to rent a car. It costs approximately 40 euro per day (one day is definately enough to drive thorugh the Island). You can rent a bike as well. It’s cheaper (5 euro per day) and of course you don’t need to buy a fuel J

Mountains in the clouds at Kos island


When you travel around the Kos island, you may observe everyday life of its citizens. You can see children playing on the street and old women in black clothes sitting in front of their homes and watching people passing by. You can listen middle-aged Greek disscuting loudly and gesticulating energeticly. You will be surprised how many goats are there on the Island and how loudly ring bells tied around their necks!
Stunning view at Kos island

Every now and then you will see the breathtaking views- mountains, sea and a beautiful sunset is a mix that makes a big impression.

Sometimes the mountains are so steep that it’s scary to look down. But it is worth to dare and take a trip around the island. An unforgettable experience! 🙂

Aegean sea and mountains in Greece


At the end of the island (on the opposite side of the airport, near Psalidi) are thermal springs. Unfortunately we were there during the storm and we did not see the charm of this place. As we heard from other tourists, this place is truly magical. Hot water flows from the rocks directly into the creek in the sea. Despite the storm, there were plenty of people there, so surely Thermas are worth seeing!

Aegean sea, Kos island


The beautiful old town. Worth seeing-Plane tree under which Hippocrates supposedly taught. The market is full of cafes, shops and narrow streets are most charming-as in Greece :).


The ruins of the world’s first hospital is one of the biggest attractions of Kos island. We were not impressed by this place though. The entrance fee is paid, and indeed in our opinion there is nothing stunning in old stones.

Sunset at Kos island


We slept at Kripriotis Panorama Hotel & Suites. This newly built complex, very large and spacious.

In our opinion, the hotel fits in perfectly on 5-starts. At the beginning we sleep in the suit but they mistakenly changed lock in our room twice. As compensation for their mistakes, they changed our room for the best in this hotel-on the top floor with a view of the sea. You can see that they actually care about their guests.

The room includes cosmetics, dressing-gowns, and even slippers.

Internet-unfortunately works only in the main building and lobby. It is also quite expensive-two hours costs 5 euro, 50 euro weekly package. The range is assigned to only one device, so when you take, for example, two computers, you must buy the access twice.

Food-delicious! Olive oil, vegetables, fruits-great. Alcohol is good as well-drinks are strong as in Poland;-) As for the drinks they pour a real Sprite, Pepsi etc.
Caution! Men have dinner entree only in long pants.

Location-hotel is on a hill, the sea is about 200 meters (to go down the mountain). The beach at the hotel is rocky, as in most of Kos.

Aegean sea and mountains in Greece


Flight from Krakow takes about 2.5 – 3 hours.
Customs clearance surprised us a lot-we did not have to even open the bag to pull out laptops and mobiles! No one was paying special attention to the contents of luggage. They checked exactly for its dimensions and in some cases-weight though.
Kos island airport is tiny and quite neglected. There is no air conditioning, so it is pretty hot out there.



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