Things you should always do in a New Country
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Things you should always do in a New Country

We are traveling full time since 2013. Even though we have visited less than 50% of all the countries in the world, we have a routine that helps us feel like home in every unknown place that we are visiting. Here are the things that you should always do in a new country:

#1 Buy a local SIM card

We are living in XXI century, where Internet is everything. If we don’t know where to go, we are asking Google Maps for the help. If we want to find the best tourist attractions in the city, we are opening TripAdvisor. When we miss our family and friends, we are calling them on Skype or Viber. Buying a local SIM card in a new country makes it all possible.

TRAVEL PRO TIP: The best place to buy local SIM card is the airport. The prices may sometimes be a little bit higher but you can easily communicate in English with the salesman.

Free smartphone at Concorde Hotel Singapore

#2 Change the time zone in all of your devices (if it’s not automatic)

It’s better to start living in your new time zone right away. Be sure to change it in all your devices, to avoid being late on the trips or on the morning breakfast in your hotel.

Working online

#3 Get to know the basic words in a local language

It doesn’t matter how many people speak English in the country you are visiting. it’s always polite to know at least few words in the local language. Hi and Thank you may be really helpful to you. People will respect you more and appreciate your willing to get to know their  dialect.

Local market in Vietnam

#4 Try the best local speciality

Last but not least- the food! You should always try local speciality in the country you are visiting, no matter if these are fried insects or creamy tart like Pastel de Nata in Portugal.

#5 Get a local money

That’s another thing that you should do at the airport. Exchange some money or withdraw it from your bank account.

TRAVEL PRO TIP: You should have money for 1-2 days when you are leaving the airport. The currency rates are often really high there, so better ask in your hotel where is the best place to buy a local currency.


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