Things To Do In Sedona With Family

The beauty of Sedona is something that has to be experienced to truly understand. You will be mesmerized by the vast landscapes and red rock that rises from the ground in various unique formations. With great scenery, plenty of wellness opportunities, and attractions for all ages, Sedona makes the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Is Sedona Worth Visiting?

Sedona is a town located in the desert of Arizona, USA. While most people immediately think of the Grand Canyon when they think of natural attractions in Arizona, Sedona should absolutely be on your list. With exciting outdoor activities, stunning scenery, and days spas galore, the town has something for everyone. The town also holds a range of festivals throughout the year that guarantees a fun and memorable experience for the entire family.

The natural beauty of the area is reason enough to visit Sedona, but the additional activities absolutely make it worth a trip.

Planning Your Trip To Sedona

If you live near Sedona, lucky you! You can simply pack the car and hit the road. For those of you who are coming from further away, you will probably need to book a flight. Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport runs extensive domestic and international services that will get you to Arizona. Then it is about a 2-hour drive from Phoenix Airport to Sedona.

If you are coming from an overseas location, make sure you are up to date with the latest entry requirements. These vary from nationality to nationality so you will need to understand the specific procedures that apply to you. For some people, this will include applying for an ESTA or visa before departure. The ESTA online application is only available to people who reside in countries that participate in the visa waiver program. Everyone else will likely need to apply for a traditional visa, although it is worth confirming with a reputable source exactly what you need to do to enter the USA.

Applying for an ESTA is easy and can be done entirely online. You need to register your intended dates of travel and follow the prompts to respond to various ESTA application questions. Once you have entered your information, submit the application. You can track the status of your ESTA through the online portal to make sure that it gets approved.

All travelers should apply for an ESTA well in advance of their departure date, typically at least 3 weeks beforehand. This means you will have time to fix any problems, rather than stressing that it is not going to be approved in time for your trip. Remember that failure to obtain an ESTA may result in denial of entry into the USA or you may even be prevented from boarding your flight to the country. Nobody wants to deal with that inconvenience!

Things To Do In Sedona With Family

Sedona is definitely a family-friendly destination. There is plenty of open spaces for young ones to burn energy and a range of activities that are enjoyable for all ages. Take a look at our ideas below to get some inspiration for your next family vacation.

Sedona Hot Springs

Verde Hot Springs is the perfect activity for a day trip from Sedona.

While there are not any natural hot springs in Sedona itself, Verde Hot Springs is only 1.5 hours away. Grab the family, jump in your car, and make a day out of it!

There’s great scenery to admire on the way and it will be a real adventure. Be ready to navigate an unpaved road and walk along the creek trail which will deliver you to an old hotel building.

Only remnants of the hotel still remain after a fire in the 1960s, but this is where the natural hot springs exist. The whole family can then spend some time soaking in the warm water and enjoying the unique environment.

Sedona Parks

Travelers from all over the world flock to Sedona to admire its natural beauty so our list would not be complete without mentioning its parks. Children will enjoy the outdoor spaces just as much as the adults, although we know that you will likely need a bit more than the scenery to keep them occupied. Consider a visit to Slide Rock State Park for the best of both worlds. You will get the stunning scenery that Sedona is known for and the kids will get a natural water slide!

Red Rock State Park is another good choice. It has all the facilities you need for an enjoyable outing (toilets, information center, gift, and snack shop), making it a great choice for families. You will be surrounded by the iconic Sedona red rock and are likely to see some animals which are guaranteed to excite the kids.

Sedona Activity Centre

If you are looking for a more structured activity in Sedona, you cannot go past Sedona Activity Centre. They offer a diverse range of tours that will allow you to experience the magic of Sedona in a unique way.

A Jeep tour is great for family members of all ages. You will make your way up and down rocky tracks, exploring the barren landscape and admiring the rock formations. Ranging from mild to adventurous, you can pick the level most suited to your family.

A helicopter tour is another great way to see the best of Sedona and create a memorable experience with your family. Seeing the area from a birds-eye view will definitely give you a different perspective.

Alternatively, you can choose a train ride through the stunning desert landscapes, a horse ride through the red terrain (if you have older kids!), or a classic Western dinner and a show at the saloon. Regardless of what you choose, Sedona Activity Centre accommodates children extremely well, making it a relaxing experience for mum and dad.

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