Things To Do In Somerset To Bring The Family Closer Together

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Things To Do In Somerset To Bring The Family Closer Together

Whether you live in Somerset are visiting relatives or deciding to book a getaway with your family here, there is an abundance of things for you to see and do, from beaches to iconic landmarks. Best known for its inspiring landscapes and buildings, not to forget Glastonbury! Somerset is steeped in both history and culture too! For a few of the top things, you can do in Somerset to bring the family closer together, read below. 

Get Married! – Clevedon Hall

What brings the family closer together more than getting married? Particularly when the venue is Clevedon Hall. If you’re beginning to plan your wedding, a definite contender worth viewing in person for your special day is Clevedon. It’s a beautiful periodic manor featured in the Jacobean style that oozes luxury and character, need we say more. What a perfect setting to mark two families becoming one.

Seek Adventure – Wild Wookey cave

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, visiting the UK’s famous Wild Wookey caves, designed by professional cavers could be what you and your family need to bond. Especially if you want to do something that can easily prize your teen son or daughter away from their technology. From amazing views, abseiling, Ferrata climbing, and creeping through hidden routes, this exciting activity will grip the attention of the whole family. 

Get Outdoors – Kilver Court Gardens

Natural distress for the entire family, especially if it’s amongst one of Britain’s most scenic gardens, is the outdoors, so why not spend a day out at the Kilver Court Gardens in Somerset. Whether you’re passionate about garden design techniques from the Mulberry founder Roger Saul or seeing a significant sculpture, defined as one of the largest in the world – the Victorian Viaduct standing at 15 meters high, there is plenty to admire at the Kilver Court Gardens. And you needn’t worry about missing the gardens summer bloom as the warmer days draw to a close. Because, the garden has a visual appeal all year round, such as the retro rockery framing a waterfall, laced with Asian acers in an array of warm colors such as gold, copper, and red.

Culture And History – The Roman Baths 

For a touch of learning on your trip, you could take your family on tour to see the Roman Baths. Your guided 2-hour tour is led by an experienced guide who shall take you on a journey and give you insight into the past of Baths Roman heritage to the fantastic city Bath is today. On your tour, you will get to see the Grand Royal Crescent, and circus.

Seaside Day! – Weston-Super-Mare Beach

Sometimes what we all really need is salty air, and sand beneath our feet. When that’s the case, a trip to Weston-Super-Mare beach is a given. Other than making sandcastles, flying kites and exploring creatures in the sea together, there’s always a lot more to do alongside the beach. From ice cream trucks, bouncy castles to donkey rides and fair rides. 

With the attractions and locations to visit above, there is a mix of things to entice all members of the family.  

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