10 Things to Pack When You Travel

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Things to Pack When You Travel

THE POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2014. IT WAS UPDATED ON NOVEMBER, 2016. There are some affiliate links in the article.

What are the things to pack when you travel? Creating an ultimate travel gear may be surprisingly difficult!

Most of us take too much unnecessary stuff that we need to carry in a heavy suitcase (or backpack) afterwards. Even though we have luggage full of clothes and accessories, there is always something we forget to pack.

The list we created in this post is quite short. We are giving you only the things we like to travel with and that are irreplaceable for us. We are always packing them to one of our colorful suitcases.


1. Multifunctional knife

This brilliant gadget is a spoon, fork, knife and corkscrew- all in one! We are using it all the time during our journeys. It’s one of the most important things to pack when we travel. Every time we want to eat a yoghurt or open a bottle of wine, we just take off our multifunctional knife from our suitcase and use it.

multifunctional knife2. Insurance

We have insurance for every trip. Last year we’ve bought an Euro 26 card. Annual subscription costs about $35 and includes all countries except the USA and Canada. You need to buy additional travel insurance at a similar price for these two countries. Check out Consumers Advocate for reviews of travel insurance plans and providers specific to those countries. In case of any accident, thanks to Euro 26 card, we will get reimbursed. The card also helps getting various discounts at museums etc.

3. Light microfiber towels

Microfibre towels are one of the most brilliant gadgets to travel with! The weight of luggage is crucial for us. That’s why we always take on our journeys the lightest things possible. Our towels are made from microfiber and they are very light. The other awesome feature is that they dry really fast.

Don’t buy the cheapest towels from China- their quality is very low. The brand that we can recommend is Zero Grid.

They have set of two towels: bigger and smaller. They are great to travel with! The pouch has hanging carabiner clip that you can easy pin on to your backpack.

4. Camera(s)

This is the absolute must-have for every voyager! As professionals, we travel with 2 DSLRs: Canon EOS 100D & Canon EOS 500D and GoPro Hero 4.

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gopro-photo-of-camera-copy5. Waterproof jackets/ raincoats and waterproof casex for bags

No matter where we go, we always take something waterproof with us. It’s very important to have at least one waterproof bag. When the rain is heavy, we can put our camera, money, phones etc. into it, without any fear that it will get wet.

waterproof6. Credit card & money

Money is the most important things to pack when you travel! In some countries (like USA), you can’t rent a car, book a hotel room or buy metro ticket without having credit card.

We always have at least US$100 with us. American Dollar is a currency acceptable all over the world. It’s our security buffer, when we can’t find ATM in our new destination.

7. Packing organizers

To be honest, we weren’t big fans of packing organisers at the beginning. We thought they are just nice but useful gadgets. We changed our minds when we first travel with them. They saved us about 40% of space in our suitcases!

What’s more, our stuff were organised and it was really easy to find everything that we were looking for.

We are traveling with compression travel cubes, a set of one big and two smaller organisers+ waterproof shoe bag.

8. At least 2 documents, kept in different places

We always take passports and driving licenses/ IDs on our trips. We keep them separately, in case of robbery. Having two documents is really helpful: you can always go to the embassy when you got robbed and ask for the new passport. It’s really difficult to do when you can prove who you are.

9. Vodka

Yes, no matter how controversial it is, we always travel with vodka!

Alcohol is useful both for disinfection and to drink when you are suffering from the food poison.

10. Blocking wallets

It’s really important to protect your personal informations and keep your money safe! Most credit and debit cards are contactless. You don’t even need to take off your card to get robbed. Good wallet is one of the most important things to pack when you travel.

What we are using is the neck wallet that you can easily put under your clothes. It’s almost impossible to lose it. The other good options are money belt and phone wallet.

What are your things to pack when you travel? Let us know!

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  1. Haha I love that you always pack vodka. This is going on my crucial packing list going forward!

    For us our number one travel essential is an extension lead. It's amazing how few plug sockets you find abroad and for a digital couple like us, this won't do! Even with just one plug socket, as long as we have our extension lead we can charge all of our devices. Bonus? We only need one plug converter!

    • You are so right! We always forget to pack an extension lead and we are searching for it when we are abroad… Last month we were in Scotland and we are searching for this extension lead everywhere, haha :).


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