6 Top tips for first time travellers

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6 Top tips for first time travellers

Travelling is an experience which will open your eyes to the world. You are likely to embark on many adventures but as its your first time, you are also likely to make some mistakes along the way. Rest assured everyone makes them and it is a natural learning process. However, in order to minimise the number of mistakes you make we have compiled a list of top tips for first time travellers to ensure you are equipped with knowledge before you embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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#1 Research your destinations

When researching your destination there are a number of factors which it is important to take into account to ensure you are getting the best possible experience.

Firstly, one of the most important areas to check is finding out if the country you are visiting is safe and tourist friendly. Safety is the upmost importance and therefore this should take top priority before deciding where to travel. Ensuring the country you wish to visit is tourist friendly, will make your life a whole lot easier as there will be many activities & tours, accommodation, eating and transport options especially set up for tourism.

Secondly, find out what vaccinations/ medication are advised for the destination you are travelling to. This can be done simply by visiting your GP who will advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Thirdly is the destination within your price range. There is no point planning to stay a month in a country which will leave you empty handed after a week.

Lastly what attractions does the country have to offer? In order to prevent disappointment check to see if the country you are visiting has enough to see and do. This can be done easily by looking at online blogs or travel guides to get a rough idea what the country has to offer.

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# 2 Travel insurance is essential

Make sure you take out travel insurance before embarking on your journey. This is an absolute must to cover you in case something goes wrong. One of the most important areas travel insurance will cover is medical insurance. Even minor treatment may cost you well into the hundreds, therefore you can imagine how much a serious injury such as breaking your leg will end up costing. If you have travel insurance, the provider will pay these expenses, not you. It will also protect you against loss of theft of gadgets and other expensive items. Luckily travel insurance is very reasonably priced these days, so make sure this is top of your list before heading abroad. Most providers offer a range of different options, tailored to the type of trip you are embarking on such as backpacker insurance.

Backpacking in Indonesia# 3 Do not overplan

Although researching your destination is very important, booking every hostel/hotel, every transport link and every day activity is not advised. You may think by doing this you would reduce stress, in fact having some flexibility can be less stressful. If you miss a transport link or have an emergency and need to stay in one place for longer than expected, you won’t be paying for stuff scheduled in the next stop in your trip without actually being there.

Secondly sometimes you find you’re really enjoying a place and want to stay there longer or a local has recommended a place you didn’t know about. Having flexibility will allow you to adjust your route to incorporate these activities in your trip.

Lake of Church on Isle Zamosc# 4 Take a hand guide

As the destinations you are visiting will be new to you, taking a hand guide will ensure you have all the information you need about the area at your fingertips. There are many guides out there covering information such as accommodation, places to eat, things to see and important emergency contact information.

Guide Karolina Patryk#5 Interact with locals

You’ve heard all the stories about locals trying to scam tourists. Although inevitably there are people out there to scam you, you will soon be able to pick out this minority from the majority by reading guides and using your common sense. However, don’t let this deter you from interacting with the locals as the vast majority will be normal friendly people. There is no better way to experience a country and its culture than to integrate with the local people.

Myanmar interesting facts - 10 fun facts about Burma!#6 Have fun!

Travelling is ultimately about enjoying yourself so go out there and have fun!

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