Top Tips To Prepare Your Luggage For The Trip

Today, we choose online entertainment instead of going out. We watch videos on YouTube, enjoy online betting, and chat via social media. But after the end of the pandemic, we will start traveling, and preparing luggage is one of the most essential things to do beforehand. To become a pro, use these tips.


A few days before the trip, study the weather forecast for the dates falling on vacation. The expected warm weather negates the need to take bulky outerwear and heavy shoes. Do not try to fit into a suitcase a dozen evening dresses, going on a bus tour.

The approach to the choice of clothing should be rational and appropriate to the upcoming trip. Layout in front of you what you plan to take, and analyze each one. Chances are not all things will end up in your suitcase.

Plan and set aside the things you will be traveling in. Better yet, these should be the ones that take up a significant amount of space in your suitcase. Jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, etc. The more heavy things you wear, the less money you will have to pay for exceeding the allowable weight per piece of luggage.


It is better to take things that will combine style, color, season, and theme. With this approach, there is less risk of grabbing things that will uselessly take up space in the suitcase. At the same time increasing its weight.


Directly when collecting things it is worth adhering to the following scheme. Heavy and bulky things are better placed on the bottom of the luggage, safely protecting the other things from them. Inside the shoes, for example, you can put shaving supplies.

Small items can be distributed in the pockets of pants. Belts, swimsuits are placed in any free corner. The denser things are, the lower the chance of damaging fragile items or crumpling delicate items.

Vacuum bags are a great way to fit everything you need in your suitcase while taking up little space inside. The clothes are folded into the bag and the air is sucked out by twisting. The output is a bag many times smaller than the original.

Finally, put valuables and documents in your hand luggage. Also, put a reserve supply of clothing needed in case there is trouble with the main luggage.

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