Best Tips on How to Become a Professional Travel Writer

Being a travel writer is a dream job for many. First of all, it doesn’t sound that hard, second of all, they go to all the best places and often do it free of charge or with huge discounts. Who wouldn’t like such a job? 

Before you read tips on how to become a professional travel writer, we want to warn you that this profession, like any other, have rather serious drawbacks:

  • To become a popular travel writer you will need to master several extra professions;
  • Constant traveling may not be the best choice for your health. Our body likes a stable life, in a stable timezone, without jetlags and other extras which come with traveling. Bad air in planes, diseases our immune system is not ready for, extra vaccinations, etc.
  • It is sometimes hard to be a digital nomad and keep some stable routine when you don’t live for long in one place. Even if you travel from one state to another, you still live on the road.
  • The same as fixing the routine; building a stable relationship is not an easy job for a travel writer unless your partner accompanies you in your travel for some time.
  • It is costly, especially from the very beginning, when you are not known and need to pay for everything on your own. 

Well, now, if you still want to continue and become well-known and well-paid for that matter travel writer, keep reading and get some tips on how to do it. 

Choose the sphere of your travel interest

You can travel from one state to another. You can travel to Europe, you can travel within one state and describe all the small villages and people in them so brightly that people will pay you to continue. You can focus on Latin America or Asia.

Everything depends on your place of living, financial capacities, and desires. Even if you don’t have much money now, but want to write about Asia, you can look for some grants and programs, which would allow you to start. Everything is possible for an energetic dreamer.

Decide on whether you write for someone or yourself

You can develop your own travel blog, or you can write for someone else’s blog or magazine. Both options are good.

The first, evidently, gives you more freedom and allows you to choose the tone of voice you like. It takes lots of time before your own site will become well-known though.

The second option guarantees payment and allows you to learn in a safe environment before you start your project.

However, you should remember that it will be hard to do both at the same time. Of course, if at work you are writing about different countries, their culture, some tips for tourists, and in your own blog you focus on small villages around your state — it can be combined.

Working reputation is an important thing, and it is better to build it carefully.

Choose your tone of voice and what differs you from others

The tone of voice is what makes you different from others. Of course, we are, first of all, talking about you writing for your own blog.

You can be very emotional, or very rational, paying attention to the numbers and routes first of all. You can be ironic or inspired. You can add many pictures and describe them, or you can focus on text and storytelling. The choice is yours, just remember about consistency.

You are building your audience based on “your voice”, so be sure to deliver them what they are expecting.

Make sure you can last more than several months

If you just went to someplace you liked, wrote about it, and your friends said that it was very well-written, they would read some more. It doesn’t mean that you should become a travel writer.

Think about how many trips a month you can make (organizationally, financially) and how much time you can allocate on writing about them. There is a chance you will feel like you wouldn’t last even half a year.

Make sure your writing is quality enough

The Internet is full of stories about literally any place on Earth where you can get by plane, train, car, or on foot. Some of those articles are professional. Some are amateurs.

The level of writing is fundamental if you want to earn money as a travel writer. If you want to have a good start, you should consider ordering several posts/articles from a professional essay writing service, such as WriteMyPaperHub, and use them as samples of quality writing.

Make a plan about monetization 

Travel writers and travel bloggers should think about monetization, first of all, because their profession requires some investments.

There are many options to monetize your blog or Instagram account, but you should plan them in advance. And it brings us to extra professions you will have to learn along the way. 

Start on learning Marketing and SEO

Without marketing and SEO basics, you won’t be able to promote your blog and monetize it fast enough. So, leave behind the dream that being a travel writer requires only traveling and writing. Luckily, there are many online courses, which will help you out. Most of them are very cheap and help you catch the needed basics for your job.

Yes, travel writing requires lots of work and attention, but you should not get discouraged. If it is your dream job, you will find your tone of voice, get to know how to monetize your blog, and everything will be alright. 

Narrow down your niche

As we mentioned before, it’s important to choose the area of the world that you are going to write about. However, travel writing isn’t just about the destinations. It’s also about traveling in general.

You can become an expert in mental health while traveling, so you will write about online group counseling, the importance of making new friends on the road, meditation, etc.

The other niche you could focus on may be staying fit while traveling. So you will be giving tips on how to exercise, what to eat, etc.

You can also become a packing travel expert. You will master the skills of packing light, you will be testing the best travel gadgets or travel apps, etc.

Here are some other niches that you may consider:

  • family travel expert
  • LGBTQ+ travel expert
  • solo travel expert
  • city break travel expert
  • weekend trips travel expert

There are hundreds of niches like that, so think not only about the destinations but also about the way you are going to travel.

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