Tips for Traveling to A Foreign Country Alone

Traveling Alone to A Foreign Country - Best Travel Tips
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Traveling Alone to A Foreign Country – Best Tips

Foreign travel can be a very fulfilling and exciting adventure. There are so many amazing places to see throughout the world. Traveling alone is a way to immerse yourself in the culture of another country. You can do and see what you want to do every day without worrying about a companion’s schedule.

On the flip side traveling alone can be a lonely experience if you are not used to meeting new people or have a difficult time being alone. Some people travel alone because they prefer solitude. Some people travel alone because they don’t have a friend or family member that shares the enthusiasm or interest for travel.

If you find yourself on a solo journey, here are some tips that can make your time even more enjoyable.

Meeting New People

When traveling solo, you have a more significant opportunity to meet locals and even other solo travelers. Meeting other travelers can be a fun way to explore a country with people that share your passion for adventure. Before you decide to sightsee or explore together, make sure that your vacation goals align with theirs and that you will enjoy their company.

You may even make a friend for life! A word of caution though, trust your instincts. If someone doesn’t seem quite right to you, feel free to excuse yourself from the conversation and their company. This is your journey.

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Staying Safe

While traveling alone can be a fantastic experience, it also requires extra precautions. Make sure you secure all your belongings and travel light so that you can keep track of your valuable things.

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Make sure your luggage is small enough that you can fit it in the bathroom with you when you are at the airport or on trains and buses. Stay to well lit and populated areas especially at night. Make copies of your ID’s and passports just in case of loss or theft. It is important to let family and friends know your itinerary and alert them to any changes.

Dining Out

If you cringe at the thought of eating out alone, you are in good company. Many people are terrified at the idea of a table for one. There is even a word for it, solomangarephobic. It doesn’t have to be scary though. Many cafes have outdoor patio seating that is perfect for dining with a good book. You can also have a seat at the bar to dine.

Many times, lounges and cafes are ideal places to meet new people on your travels. Don’t stay trapped in your hotel room ordering room services and carry out. Get out and explore.

Traveling is a rewarding experience. Being alone while experiencing new cultures if both scary and exciting. The most important thing is that you are getting out there trying new things and having adventures that create lifelong memories.

When you are ready to settle down you will have great insight into where you want to live. Some places will make a great home base, especially if you like the warm dry area. No matter where you settle down, you will be able to say that you’ve experienced the world.

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