Best Tips For Traveling The World With Your Family

For some, traveling the world with a family may sound like a nightmare, especially when kids are too small. Or on the contrary, they are old enough to get the hump for no specific reason. For others, packing the bags and hitting the road with those they love may be a dream come true. 

One way or another, traveling the world with a family is always challenging. Here are some tips to make it a bit easier:

Plan Your Budget Ahead

If you believe the studies, fighting over money is the most common reason for the divorce. When you are traveling, things may get even more challenging, that’s why it’s good to plan the budget ahead.

Calculate how much you are going to spend a day. Be sure to include:

  • transportation costs
  • accommodation costs
  • food costs
  • admission/ entrance ticket costs
  • day trip costs
  • pocket money for every family member

Don’t forget about the last point- at the end of the day traveling should be fun, so be sure to include the pocket money in your budget!

If planning your budget ahead won’t solve the problem of fighting about money, you can always think about family counseling that you can start on sites like

Pack First Aid Kit and Basic Drugs

Before you hit the road, write down the emergency numbers and the basic medical phrases that you may need in case one of you get sick.

Pack the basic drugs like:

  • pain killers
  • antipyretic drugs, age-appropriate
  • wound patches
  • disinfectants
  • electrolytes
  • antinausea drugs

Make It Fun For Everybody

Traveling should be fun for all the family members! Talk about your expectations and needs when planning a trip.

Choose activities that will be interesting for everyone. If it’s not possible, make one day a week for each one of you. 

For example a beach day for mommy, a museum day for daddy, and water park fun day for kids.

It will make the trip more bearable! Your kids won’t complain that much about visiting the National Gallery when they know that they will have a blast in Disneyland the following day.

Teach Your Kids While Traveling

Have you heard of wordschooling? If not, you should definitely check it out!

While you don’t necessarily need to quit your job and teach your kids while traveling the world, you may use your time abroad to give your children important lessons.

It would be a shame to not talk about ancient times while you are spending holidays in Greece. You will literally be surrounded by historical places, so be sure to show your kids all these amazing sites.

Travel Slowly If Possible

I know how tempting it is to see as much as possible when your time is limited. Trust me- changing a hotel every day or two will quickly turn into a nightmare when you are not traveling solo.

Travel slowly, use this time to reconnect with your family and get to know the local culture. Don’t just tick the places off from your bucket list but try to see more in the sites you are visiting.

If you are traveling with smaller kids moving fast will be impossible or VERY difficult. While there are some tricks to keep the toddlers entertained while traveling, they won’t work forever. Even the best travel toys will become boring after a few hours, so be sure to travel slowly.

Your kids need some time to relax too.

Respect Each Other’s Needs

It’s ok when some of you don’t feel like sightseeing today. Let them relax, maybe change your plans if necessary.

Every member of your family is equally important, so don’t try to get your way at all costs.

If you want to make this trip unforgettable (in the positive sense of this word!), you need to learn how to be flexible which will often require the compromise.

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