Top 6 Tips For A Flawless Bruges Vacation

Bruges in Belgium
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Top 6 Tips For A Flawless Bruges Vacation

Have you ever watched a famous Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges movie? Even if you have not, the place of the action is quite clear from the title. One of the most popular touristic destinations of Belgium – Bruges. The ideal picture of an iconic old European town. Although the film shows off just one side of the place, the desire of visiting it was growing scene by scene. And the next vacation destination was decided. After a few days of browsing the web, the luggage was packed and the tickets were booked. However, there were a few things I did not take care of. Here is the list of what none of the tourists’ guides informs you about.

  1. The weather

The weather in Bruges is like a true lady – the mood changes every hour. If you popped to the bakery on a sunny, warm weather – you might step out into the rain after getting your loaf of bread. This is why the citizens are taking their umbrellas and raincoats with them no matter where they go. There was a funny situation I faced there. I was sitting on a bench in the park when out of sudden it set in for rain. I had no other way out but to put on my hood, while the locals took out their umbrellas and raincoats to save themselves from getting wet and put those items after the rain stopped.

streets of Belgium

2. The transport

It was smart to book the airport transfer from Amsterdam in advance. The personal drive picked me up right on time and we a had a nice chat on the way. He gave me a smart advice: not to rent a car there, especially if you are taking one of the Brussels or Amsterdam tour packages. The thing is all the streets are too narrow, and the routes are rather complicated. That is why driving a car without knowing the roads would be too risky. A nice way out was a bike. Therefore, I got one there for some ridiculous charges. Most of the locals use only this type of transport.

3. The history

It is okay if you start a nice talk with the people who live there, they are open for a good conversation. However, there are two main taboos: the history and the royal family. These two themes you should never start in Bruges. The history of the country and of the town itself is stuffed with controversies so that you never know what opinion your opponent has. It is better to discuss the weather, prices, music or you.

Belgium style

4. The language

If you want to show off your politeness – Belgians are grateful to hear their language from the tourists. Although do not try to copy their own accent. They might think that you are making fun of them. If you want to speak – use the regular norms of the pronunciation.

Top 6 Tips For A Flawless Bruges Vacation

5. The tips

Tipping somebody is inappropriate. Belgium is one of those European countries where tips are already included in the bill. There is no need to check your pockets for cash every time you want to thank somebody for a perfect service. You can just express that in words. They will be grateful.

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6. The City Card

If you are a museum lover and cannot imagine your vacation without the numerous galleries and exhibitions – you need a Bruges City Card. It lets the holder an opportunity to visit all the local spots with an impressive discount. Just what you need to save your time and money during day trip to Bruges.

Brugge city card

Now you know all you need to drown in the amazing atmosphere of the city. Have fun!

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