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The Most Romantic Things To Do In London For Couples

The Most Romantic Places In London

Many people think that Paris is the city for romance. However, London holds this distinction too. The following spots prove that the capital of England is indeed a city that also flaunts a romantic atmosphere. Here are the most romantic things to do in London for couples!

Taking a private London Eye ride is one of the most romantic things to do in London.

Private London Eye Ride

Everyone knows this famous landmark of London. However, you may not be aware that it’s possible to buy a romantic ride on the London Eye for just the two of you! How awesome is that?

The cupid package includes champagne and a private cabin. It costs £470 all year round- surprisingly, the price doesn’t go up on Valentine’s Day. This experience is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in London for couples.

View the city lights and take your relationship to a new level. Your date will definitely love it.

Take Walk In The Gardens at Kensington Palace

You might call the Gardens at Kensington Palace one of the most romantic places in London. The spot even features a lover’s arch – a royal, if not surreal escape, for two lovers on holiday.

Have A Picnic At The Hyde Park

Hyde Park is probably the most romantic places to go in London when the weather is good.

To enliven the mood and better appreciate the surrounding beauty, head out to the park with a picnic lunch.

Watch the sunset on Primrose Hill and eat a romantic dinner afterwards.
Watch the sunset on Primrose Hill and eat a romantic dinner afterward.

See The Sunset On Primrose Hill

If you want to view the sunset, then an idyllic place to visit is Primrose Hill.

There are many awesome restaurants in the area, so when the sun goes down, you can take your date for a romantic dinner for two.

Take An Evening Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise is an ideal way to underscore the romantic flavor of London.

Enjoy such dinner selections as grilled mackerel with saffron and cauliflower puree or paprika hake with carrot and cumin puree and lobster sauce. Select a delectable dessert in the form of a white chocolate and candy parfait or a treacle tart.

Visit The William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery

Located in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Jewellery Gallery features an array of gems – all of which sparkle impressively.

Of the 3,500 jewels, you will also find diamonds that have been worn by such luminaries as Catherine the Great. Computers are also featured at the gallery that enables couples to design a ring inspired by the displays.

Richmond Park is one of the most romantic places in London.
Richmond Park is one of the most romantic places in London.

Spend Some Time In The Richmond Park

Take time to enjoy the beauty of nature in Richmond Park – a place that enables you to escape from the city for some quiet time.

What can be better than being all alone with your partner?

The park, which features an abundance of deer, is also home to woodlands, gardens, and reflecting ponds.

Dine At The Galvin at Windows

The Micheline restaurant, Galvin at Windows serves up French haute cuisine and features hand-picked wine specialties.

This high-rise restaurant offers a spectacular view from the 28th floor.

Seek for different kinds of roses at Regents Park.

Visit Regent’s Park – Queen Mary’s Garden

If you love roses, then you will find plenty in Queen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park.

In fact, the park displays over 12,000 rose varieties.

Go To The Hampstead Heath

This park in London will allow you to experience the poetry of the city without uttering or listening to a single word.

For example, a visit to Hill Garden is one of the most things to do in London for couples. At the site, stroll over the raised walking path of the Hampstead Pergola. If you want to be swept off your feet, this is the place to meet.

The Westminster Bridge is a very romantic place in London!
Westminster Bridge is a very romantic place in London!

Walk Through The Westminster Bridge

Find a romantic spot while visiting the most popular place in London. No wonder it’s always full of tourists- the bridge is simply awesome.

Head To The Columbia Road

For a romantic weekend escape on a Sunday, direct your energy to the shops and floral offerings on Columbia Road.

The flower market in East London is a nice way to romantically spend your time. Pick up a bouquet of flowers and browse the antique shops for the perfect vase. Follow up your shopping trip by sharing some cakes at a dessert shop, or enjoy a repast in a courtyard off of the main thoroughfare.

Visit The London Zoo at Night

In the summer, the London Zoo is open at night for adults, which makes for a great time, given the dancing, the menagerie of animals, and the food offerings.

Hire a boat and spend some active time with your date.

Hire Row or Pedal a Boat on the Serpentine

Glide among the boaters and swans on the waters of the Serpentine. Either choose a rowboat for two or a pedal boat for the romantic boat trip.

Make sure to stop at the Italian Gardens that are located on the northern boundary of the popular lake. Boat to your heart’s content between April and October. During the remainder of the year, the lake is the ideal place to enjoy a winter or early spring walk.

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Go To The Searcy Street Pancras Champagne Bar

Champagne is synonymous with romance.

Find your perfect getaway at the Pancras Champagne Bar, located at St. Pancras station. The lengthy bar highlights an array of bubbly selections, each of which is offered by the glass.

While you are in the vicinity, stroll over to the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel – a property that declares itself as London’s most romantic structure. It may not be one of the luxury hotels in central London but it’s still worth visiting.

Head to Little Venice to see London from a different perspective.

Head To The Little Venice

Another romantic place in London to take a walk.

Little Venice is located along London’s Grand Canal, just off of the hustle-and-bustle of the major road.

The enchanting and colorful houseboats and quiet waterways make walking hand-in-hand one of the most romantic things to do in London.

Have A Drink At Gordon’s Wine Bar

This discreet and low-lit wine bar is the ideal spot for whispering romantic phrases over the best of fine wines. The menu is filled with delectable entrees as well.

Visit The Geffrye Museum

The Geffrye Museum is a quiet and romantic escape in the metropolis. This is one of the hidden gems of London. Wander through the buildings that depict various times throughout history. Enjoy a small repast at the coffee shop and admire the walled garden at the attraction too.

See the farm animals with your date at the Hackney City Farm.

Go To The Hackney City Farm

Add a little country romance to your day by visiting the Hackney City Farm. The farm boasts animals such as donkeys, goats, and sheep.

It also features a coffee shop and provides you with the chance to take home some fresh farm eggs.

Watch The Movie At The Aubin Cinema

If you want to feel a bit cozier, taking in a show at the Aubin Cinema is the activity for you. You can also bring food and wine into the theater to enjoy while watching the show.

Watch The Movie At The Electric Cinema

Another cinema in which to enjoy a romantic evening is the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.

Mood-enhanced lighting and red velvet, along with double couches, make it the ideal showplace for a date.

See The Meeting Place Statue

The Meeting Place is the most romantic statue in London.

Last but not least- The Meeting Place Statue. Did you know that there is a giant sculpture of the kissing couple in London? It’s located at St Pancras railway station.

It’s definitely one of the most romantic places in London!

Before starting to plan your romantic time in England’s capital remember that you can always save money with the London Pass.

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  1. I love that you’ve included Hampstead Heath. This is definitely one of my favourite places in London. It’s a perfect place for a romantic walk to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Garden Gate pub, just next to the Heath, is where my partner and I had our first date too :)

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