Top Places To See in Helsinki Finland

Top Places To See in Helsinki Finland

Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland is one of the top tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. It’s definitely a place worth visiting! Not only the city is beautiful itself but it’s also a perfect gateway to the neighboring countries including Tallinn in Estonia, Stockholm in Sweden, or even to Sankt Petersburg in Russia.

Before you visit Helsinki, check out the visa requirement for your country. If you are not a citizen of the Europen Union, you will need to arrange a visa first. The good news is that as of 2021 you can apply for an Etias visa for Finland online. This negates applying at an embassy for a visa and saves a lot of time.

In this post, I am giving you the top places to see in Helsinki. It’s not an ultimate guide but a short article about the spots you can’t miss while visiting the capital of Finland!

Helsinki Cathedral

Built by the Russians in honor of Tsar Nicolas I, the original name for the cathedral was St. Nicholas’ Cathedral. When Finland claimed independence in 1917 it became Helsinki Cathedral. Its striking white neoclassical design soars high above the cityscape. The great dome catches the eye, and at night with the reflections off the water, it shines like a beacon.


In the mid-1800s the Swedes constructed an ambitious star-shaped fortress that spanned seven islands. It is still intact and is now home to around 1,000 people. The project was one of the most ambitious ever attempted, and the fact you can still see it today is remarkable. This unique structure with visible gun positions should be on your must-see list for any visit to Helsinki.


It is a popular and vibrant green space in the heart of Finland. In the summer, people come to relax, socialize, and bring picnics. If you’re here in the summer, you can’t fail to notice the outdoor stage. There are several festivals held here, including the Jazz-Espa, a jazz festival that spans July, and the Marimekko Fashion Show. If you’re here in the summer, pay them a visit.

Old Market Hall

The Old Market Hall is a great place to come. The building was constructed in 1889 modeled on Byzantine revival architecture. It sells fresh produce including vegetables and cheeses, and you get a real flavor of life in Helsinki as local people frequent it. There are plenty of cool snacks to enjoy and thanks to its Eteläranta location, it can be combined with other trips.

Seafood Parties

If you’re in Helsinki around August, then why not wear your finest clothes and go to a seafood party. The seafood restaurants welcome crayfish and akvavit season with color and verve. Locals are happy you are there and will show you the best way to eat. After seafood, it’s drinking and drinking songs. Good luck with the lyrics.

National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland brings alive the country’s past. It concentrates on the time before it became colonized by the Swedish Kingdom and Russian Empire, and shows how the society was developing before that time.

The Neolithic and Iron Age exhibits are particularly fascinating.

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