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Toronto is a magnetic, captivating and beautiful city. It has many features that makes it the best in their field. Here they are:

  1. The BIGGEST city of Canada
  2. The GREENEST metropoly on Earth
  3. THE MOST multicultural city on the world
  4. (until recently) it has the HIGHEST building on Earth

With specific cultural mix and a combination of huge skyscrapers and pleasant rural parks, everyone will find a place for themselves in Toronto.

Skyscrapers in Toronto

For us, the best was China town, where we had a hotel. We love Asia and we felt like home in there :).

Why Toronto is awesome…

We loved groceries where everything was so fresh that some fish, shrimps and crabs were still moving. We were stunned by smell of delicious Asian food, freshly prepared in restaurants. And finally, our hearts were won by ubiquitous Bubble Tea, which we like so much, and which is still difficult to find in Poland.

In Toronto, we were quite a long time, as much as a week. We decided to buy ‘City Pass’, tickets to the biggest attractions in the city. It was a mistake- attractions were really bad, and definitely not worth this $ 60 per person.

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Green house in Toronto

Best places to visit in Toronto

  1. CN Tower

Until recently the highest building on the world. The view from the top is interesting but very dense grids make it unable to see anything or make a good picture.


2. Royal Museum of Ontario

Waste of time and money. Most of the exhibits are uninteresting replicas. For us, Europeans, the whole show was just ridiculous.

View from the CN tower

3. Toronto ZOO

Don’t go there. There are more shops with toys, food and drinks than animals in there. Area of the zoo is huge, you have to walk a lot to see anything. And the views are really unattractive. We liked polar bears and pandas the most. We wouldn’t go there for a second time, though. The trip took us almost all day, because it takes one hour and a half one way to go there from our hotel (with normal traffic, it’s just such a huge distance).

White bear in Toronto zoo

The City Pass package included another two tickets, but we were so dissapointed by previous attractions, that we decided not to go. We went to Ripleys Aquarium of Canada instead.

4. Ripleys Aquarium of Canada

It is located right next to the CN Tower. Although the ticket was quite expensive ($ 30 per person), it’s definitely worth going there. Seeing sea animals so close to you, makes an electrifying impression!

Karolina with the shark

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Toronto Tips

Some practical informations at the end. Public Transportation in Toronto works very well, but there is a small problem with purchasing tickets. They are available mainly in the subway, so if you want to ride the tram, you are in little trouble. One ticket costs $3 and is sold in the form of tokens (small coins). When you enter a bus, just throw the token into box next to the driver and get a ticket for return.

Streets of Toronto

If you travel as a couple or with kids, try to use public transportation on weekends and holidays. You can buy one ticket for $11 for all of you and travel as much as you want during the day.

You can buy all- day ticket on weekday as well, but you have to pay $11 per person.

A tip for Thirsty- in Canada, you can’t buy alcohol in store. You can get it only in special liquor shop, called LCBO (you can also buy a beer in Beer Store ). If you want to drink something, better check where is the closest LCBO. Otherwise you will have to walk a lot until you find something (just like us 🙂

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  1. Toronto is my favorite city in Canada. I used to live there and moved away for employment, and I will be back in Toronto again. Love the China town and all the food there. and I agree that the city pass is not really worth buying. The aquarium is beautiful, especially the part you can stand at the underwater belt and watch the rays and sharks flow overhead.

    It is really takes me some time to get a hang of the wine licensing policy in Ontario. Other provinces like QC and BC dont have that issue.

    One way TTC ticket is 3.25 a pop now….it is used to be $3 and the price jacked up the last month when I was there.

    Thanks for a nice and simple written account of Toronto. Read this makes me excited to be back again. Let me know if you ever come back to Toronto.

    • Oh, it’s interesting to know that the wine licensing policy is only in Ontario! We thought that it’s like that everywhere in Canada :).
      You are right, watching the rays and sharks at the Toronto Aquarium was great. We’d love to come back there again in the future.


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