Travel blog- The reason why we blogging.
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The truth is that when we don’t travel, every day looks similar. Without travelling our life is ordinary and there are only few moments a year worth remembering. Our travel blog is like our child- we just love it. Love to spend time working on new posts or sharing best tips with you guys.

Travel blog remembers our adventures.

We started our travel blog to save our experiences. When we watch our old videos, pictures and read texts,  our memories come to life. Without blog and photos, memories are blurrred and after few years, we don’t remember anything. Thanks to our blog, we can protect our memories. Maybe after few hundred years, future generations will still find our tips helpful ;).

Travel blog helps us motivate others

Second reason why we are writting about our travels is to help other people live their dream lives. We have unbelievable luck because we have each other and we fulfil our dreams everyday, step by step. We believe that everybody deserves doing something what makes him happy.

Travel blog helps us meeting other travellers

Since we have blog, we met many amazing bloggers. They are very interesting people, addicted to travel just as we are. We have a lot in common and we love to share our travel adventures with each other. Here you can learn how to become a blogger.

Travel blog motivates us to be better

Everytime we travel, we make photos. We know that the better pictures and texts we produce, the happier our readers are. We believe that better blog can reach out to more people.
We try to be better everyday. When we look at photos from our first travels, we are smiling because we see how poor quality our materials were. Every post teach us how to be better bloggers.

More about us and our motivation you can find on About Us page.

If you want to become a blogger too, check out this awesome post written by our friend Jeremy: How to start a travel blog and make money from it.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you, guys. Meeting other people and collecting great moments is why I actually travel. Even now when I'm based in Amsterdam! I guess it's been in my blood :).


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