Travel clothes. What to wear during your travels?
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Travel clothes. What to wear during your travels?

This question may be considered as silly. Clothes are the least important during travels. You shouldn’t focus on what you wear but what you see. Comfort and good look are important though. It’s sometimes tricky to find perfect travel clothes .

The best travel clothes are those which are suitable for every weather.

It wasn’t easy for us to find perfect travel clothes but after 2 years of travelling we can finally say we know what to take on our journeys!

Tips how to buy perfect travel clothes

1. Lightness

The lighter your luggage is, the more pleasant will be your trip.

Your clothes should be as light as possible. Never buy heavy clothes with severe buttons, zips etc.
travel clothes

2. Good fabric

Our favorite textile is softshell. It protects you from wind, snow and rain. It also light and dry very fast!

Softshell clothes are easy to buy in every sport store.

We have pants made from softshell. We can’t imagine travel without them (we didn’t take them to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Dominican Republic though because it was too hot for long black pants).

Our pants brand is McKinley’s. We love this brand because the often have the same clothes in man and woman collection.

We like wearing similar clothes, so it’s just perfect for us 🙂


3. Comfort

This is the most important factor. Your clothes should be comfortable.

Forget about sexy corset or beautiful but uncomfortable dress.

Take only clothes you feel good at. We always take tracksuits when we travel. We like to wear them during flights because they are very good when you sit for a long time.


4. Convenience

Your clothes must be convenient.

For example our favorite red hoodies are perfect to cover our mouths and noses when it’s cold or dusty.


Another thing we love to take on our trips are convertible trekking pants. They can be both pants and shorts.

There’s a little zip under the knee which will help you remove lower part of your pants when it’s too hot.


What are your favorite travel clothes? Give your answers in comments!



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