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how to travel through poland
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How to travel through Poland – Intro

There are many legends about Poland. Especially about the bad roads and vanishing of German cars… Haha, it’s funny that so many people believe that it’s dangerous to drive a car in Poland. Unfortunately, Poles are still considered as thieves. Which is not true! Of course, there are some theft, burglary and rapes. But it happens in every country… How to travel through Poland ?

It this post, we want to share with you the most useful information about travel through Poland. Read our tips and visit Poland! It’s really great country 🙂

Cars– travel through Poland

It’s not very popular to rent a car in Poland, but it’s possible :). The only company that we tested is Heartz and we can highly recommend it.

In Poland,there’s a right-hand traffic. Driving is quite easy, but don’t ever try to exceed speed. Polish Policemen love to hide in every corner, than suddenly jump out with speed radar and stop you. There are also many speed cameras which make you a picture when you drive too fast. So be careful!

Trains– travel through Poland

Polish trains, aka PKP, are famous of being late. Once, Karolina was waiting for a train for more than 2 hours… So be patient.

In Poland, trains are quite cheap, especially for students, who get 51% discount!
You can buy a ticket at the station or online.

Trains are definitely the slowest way to travel. But it’s really charming and it’s the best way to meet local people.

Buses- travel through Poland

There are two kinds of buses in Poland: public and private. The public is slower and older. Private is fast, air-conditioned and most of them have wi-fi.

Public buses are called PKS. When it comes to private buses, the most popular is Polski Bus (Polish Bus). We traveled by this conveyance many times and it’s really great! You can even use it when you want to go to other European cities, like Vienna or Prague!
The only way to get a ticket is to buy it online and save the reservation number.

Polski Bus is air-conditioned and has wifi. Seats are comfortable and you can be sure that you will always be at your destination on time.

Planes- travel through Poland

It’s still very uncommon to travel through Poland by plane. There are only a few connections between cities. The best is to fly from Warsaw- you can get there to almost anywhere in Poland.

This year, Irish cheap planes- Ryanair- open new destinations in Poland. For little money, you can get from Cracow and Warsaw to Gdansk at Baltic Sea. The cheapest tickets cost only 39 zlotys!
More expensive, but also available, are Polish airlines LOT.

Public transport- travel through Poland

By Public Transport we mean metro, tram, and bus in big cities. Before leaving your hotel, install app. It’s really awesome! All you need to do is to write your destination address. The application will locate where you are and show you the way to the next bus/metro/tram stop. Then, it will show you which line you should use and how long will be the journey.

When it comes to tickets, you can usually buy them in tickets machines. If you can’t find one, go to the next kiosk and get your ticket there.

Taxis- travel through Poland

Comparing to public transport, taxis are quite expensive. Prices are different in each city. Cracow (iCar Taxi) is definitely cheaper, whereas Warsaw is the most expensive.

Always ask a driver to turn on the taximeter on. Never agree on fixed prices, because you may be cheated.

Hitch-hiking- travel through Poland

Hitch-hiking is the most popular in Bieszczady Mountains. However, you can do it in other places in Poland too. It’s very safe and we haven’t heard of anyone who get hurt during hitch-hiking.

Remember to keep the plate with the name of your destination when you are catching a car. It will make you more trustable and it’s more likely that someone will stop to give you a ride.

 Edit: We forgot to write about very important tool

This website will search for any bus and train connection in Poland. Just type where you are and what’s your destination!

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